Podcast: NFL Draft Top-10 Questions

It took a long time but we finally got Loaded Box Podcast writer and the founder of Goal-Line Fantasy, Mikey Ostrowski, to join us for a podcast. We're talking 2019 NFL Draft as we go through the top questions for each team selecting in the top 10. We also get a head start on prepping our livers for the upcoming March Madness party!

Podcast: NFL Updates & Oakland Raiders Offseason Preview

So far the NFL offseason has taught us that football never sleeps, and apparently neither does Robert Kraft. We discuss a horny Bob Kraft, the latest surrounding Antonio Brown & Le'Veon Bell, a preview of the NFL Combine, selecting Trevor Lawrence over this year's NFL-draft eligible QBs, and a preview of the Oakland Raiders' offseason

Fantasy Football Profile: Le’Veon Bell

Being a first-round pick in fantasy football is something we like to see as we spend hours debating who will be our squad's top pick each fantasy season. It changes from year to year but no one has been in the first round of drafts since 2014 as much as Le'Veon Bell

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