The Loaded Box Team

We’ve got podcasts, blogs, fantasy rankings… pretty much everything you’d want in regards to football. However, we also have kids, gambling problems, and in some cases (who am I kidding, all cases), a strong desire to drink alcohol and share our opinions on the NFL

The Team

Ben Morgan

Co-host and blogger

Ben steers this intoxicated ship. Basically the dad of Loaded Box, he’s single handedly responsible for developing this incredible team of degenerates

Twitter: @LoadedBox_Ben

DJ Premo

Co-host and blogger

The self-proclaimed “talent” of the podcast, DJ is guaranteed to talk faster than anyone you know and find a way to incorporate Aaron Rodgers into every podcast episode. He’s also not scared to ruin someone else’s podcast whether it be a dog barking, child crying or nursing a hangover

Twitter: @LoadedBoxDJ

Mikey Ostrowski


Coined “Trashboy” by DJ due to being from Philly, Mikey spends all of his time doing three things: studying fantasy football, chugging tequila and praying he can one day grow facial hair

Twitter: @FF_Mikey10

Ryan Miner


Ryan claims to be a Lions fan, but we think it’s just the alcohol talking. A lover of all things fantasy, we actually wonder if the wife and kids he tells us about are a fantasy as well

Twitter: @RyanMiner_FFB

Logan Beatty

Intern, blogger

We think Logan is Loaded Box’s first blogger outside of its founders, Ben & DJ, but there’s one thing we’re sure of, and that’s the fact that Logan is and will forever be known as the intern. He also appeared on a podcast episode prior to the 2017 NFL Draft and predicted the Bears would take a quarterback… he hasn’t let this die ever since

Twitter: @Logeyj

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