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NFL Wild Card Weekend Betting Advice

The NFL playoffs are here, and you guessed it, DJ has an official play on all six games! Check out our picks both straight up & against the spread for all of Wild Card Weekend’s action and delight in DJ finally being able to give Ben his yearly Dolphins disappointment lecture. Plus, how pointless it is to talk to your wife about football, but why you do it anyways

NFL Week 17 Betting Advice

After a week off for Christmas and boozing we’re back to dissect the week of each NFL season that was made specifically for the degenerate gambler… Week 17. Ben finally breaks his silence on the Tua/Fitzpatrick situation in a conversation with DJ that every Dolphins fan needs to hear. DJ explains why he’s loading up on favorites this week in an attempt to end the regular season on a winning streak. We give our weekly 2-team tease (11-3 on the season) and money-line parlay plays of the week & we discuss the debut of the Loadio!

NFL Week 15 Betting Advice

We’re down to just three weeks left of the regular season, so that means it’s time to amp up the gambling! All of our picks both straight up & against the spread, plus much more including Broncos fans suffering from RTS, why you should include the Packers in a 2-team tease every week, and suffering bad beats vs. enjoying lucky wins. Also, DJ ponders a lifelong commitment

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Fantasy football, NFL, against the spread picks and several other football-related topics covered in the Loaded Box Podcast

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