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Dynasty Shark Tank – QB’s

We’ve found a way to find accurate trade values for players in dynasty fantasy football leagues… and that’s via the dynasty shark tank. Similar to how the TV show works, we’re giving our sales pitch for a player we’re looking to sell, we state our asking price, and the “buyers” compete to get their trade proposal accepted. Today’s QB’s include Matthew Stafford, Aaron Rodgers & Ryan Tannehill

2021 NFL Season Over/Under Win Totals (NFC)

Part two of our 2021 NFL season over/under win totals episodes as last week we covered the AFC & this week we’ve tackled those in the NFC. Get loose with a few drinks, open your gambling app & let’s make some bets!

2021 NFL Season Over/Under Win Totals (AFC)

With the release of the 2021 NFL schedule it’s time to start looking at season-long over/under win totals. Being gambling degenerates, we’ve once again turned this topic into two episodes as this week we’ve tackled the AFC before covering the NFC in next week’s episode. Grab beers & join!

2021 NFL Draft Recap & Reactions

We’re now officially ready to dive into the 2021 season as the NFL Draft wrapped up over the weekend. We recap the weekend and give our reactions to the top storylines: Trey Lance landing in a gold mine. Will Justin Fields turn into the QB the Bears have needed for over a decade? Which RB’s & WR’s will benefit mostly by landing with their new team? Favorite/least favorite landing spots & much more!

2021 NFL Draft Prop Bets w/ Eliot Crist

In what’s become an annual tradition on draft week, we’re joined by Eliot Crist of FTN Network to discuss our favorite 2021 NFL Draft prop bets!

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