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Episode 205: Fantasy Football Ranking Discrepancies

The quickly approaching fantasy football season means it’s time for positional rankings, and positional rankings means drafters are going to have discrepancies. In this episode, Ben and DJ discuss some of their biggest differences in individual player rankings for the upcoming fantasy season. They also preview a bachelor party for the upcoming weekend that’s sure to turn into a two-day hangover…

Episode 204: Fantasy Football’s Top Sleepers & Busts – NFC

Looking for some double-digit round sleepers? Wondering which high-round picks are going to bust? We continue to get you set for the 2019 fantasy football season as we discuss our sleeper/bust picks from the NFC – well except for DJ – he mixed AFC & NFC due to alcohol/incompetence. So with that, we breakdown DJ’s alcohol consumption during the 4th of July weekend and Ben is back with another installment of pregnant-wife advice

Episode 203: Fantasy Football’s Top Sleepers & Busts – AFC

With DJ starting his week long beer-drinking bender, Ben is joined by Mikey Ostrowski of Goal-Line Fantasy Football to discuss their top sleepers and busts from the AFC for the 2019 fantasy football season. We’ve got two guys with first-round ADP’s to steer away from and a few players with double-digit ADP’s we suggest adding to your fantasy squads this upcoming season. Plus, the ideal draft position to select from and the debate between Zeke Elliott & Alvin Kamara

Episode 202: We’re Not Freshmen Anymore – RB’s & TE’s

Several second-year running backs are going to play a large role in determining fantasy football championships in 2019, so we’re back to discuss the likes of Saquon Barkley, James Conner, Nick Chubb, Kerryon Johnson, Sony Michel and several others as we prepare for the upcoming season. Plus, DJ’s alarming weight gain and Ben’s second installment of pregnant-wife advice. Oh, and we sneak in like 12 words regarding tight ends, too

Episode 201: We’re Not Freshmen Anymore – QB’s & WR’s

We talk second-year QB’s & WR’s and whether or not we’re considering them at their current average draft positions with Kristopher Hopper of the Beer Fueled Fantasy Football Podcast. Is it a wise choice to make your wife a honey-do list? Pregnant-wife advice w/ Ben? Grab some beers and something to take notes with, proceed to listen!

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