It is semi-finals time. You are one week away from winning the championship and telling all your friends to suck your dick for once. There is, honestly, no better feeling.

I am going straight off the dome this week. You made it this far. Play your best players and then find the best matchups, then dance your way to the ship. LETS GOOOOO!!!!!

Start ‘Em

QB: Tyler (Ryan) Tannehill vs. Houston Texans

Unless you have Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes or Russell Wilson, you should start Tannehill. Yes, I am that high on Tyler Tannehill. He is playing out of his mind right now and this week he gets a Texans’ secondary, who is already bad, but even worse on the road.

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QB: Derek Carr vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

I talked about this on the podcast. If you want to hear my analysis of why Carr is a lock to have a big week, click here.

RB: Phillip Lindsay vs. Kansas City Chiefs

If you are a running back and you are playing against the Chiefs, I am starting you. Yes, you. The fat guy sitting in his cubicle reading this who hasn’t done any physical activity for 10 years. I would play you against the Kansas City Chiefs’ defense. That’s how bad they are against the run.

RB: Mark Ingram vs. New York Jets

It is getting close to playoff time and I believe the Ravens need to focus on keeping Lamar Jackson healthy. That means less runs for him over the next three weeks and more carries for Ingram. This is a dream matchup for Ingram if you are lucky enough to have him this week. I know the Jets have been great against the run, but the Baltimore run game gives no shits about anybodies run defense.

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WR: Keenan Allen vs. Minnesota Vikings

You see a player matched up against the Minnesota Vikings and your instinct is to tread lightly. If you have been paying attention you would notice that the Vikings’ secondary has been awful. Davante Adams murdered Xavier Rhodes two years ago and he hasn’t recovered since. I picture Allen catching a bunch of wide-open corner routes from a shot putting Philip Rivers.

WR: D.J. Chark / Dede Westbrook vs. Oakland Raiders

I love using as many skill players as you can in this game because there should be constant scoring. Chark gets a dream matchup against a struggling Raiders’ defense, however, if he’s unable to go in this game after missing practice earlier this week, Westbrook should fill in nicely and be worthy of a starting spot in your lineup. This game could end with 100 total points.

TE: That white guy with the linebacker number on the Seahawks

Yeah. Play him vs. Carolina.

Defense: Seattle Seahawks vs. Carolina Panthers

If you stream defense like I do, then this is the pick for you. The Panthers’ offense has been absolutely inept for the last few weeks and it seems like the players do not like that Ron Rivera was fired. They have completely given up. The Seahawks are playing for the division and are coming off a loss.

Sit ‘Em

QB: Mitch Trubisky vs. Green Bay Packers

My favorite thing this week is watching all the Bears’ fans thinking this team is alive after they’ve declared them dead multiple times this season. Do not buy into their idiocy. Trubisky stinks. Just like they did in week one, the Packers will put the final nail in the Bears’ coffin. #BearDown

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QB: Matt Ryan vs. San Francisco 49ers

This seems obvious, but there are probably people out there who are contemplating starting Ryan. The Falcons are not the Saints. They are an inept, piss-poor excuse for a football team with the worst quarterback in NFL history. Not enough people are talking about how Matt Ryan is the Jeff Fisher of quarterbacks.

RB: James Conner vs. Buffalo Bills

I personally do not like this matchup. Conner is just coming back from injury against a very solid Bills’ defense who was able to slow down Lamar Jackson. This Steelers’ offense stinks and I think the entire team gets exposed in this game.

RB: Le’Veon Bell vs. Baltimore Ravens

There is too much bad blood between Bell and Adam Gase. Gase should be fired immediately and not ever have a job in the NFL again because he is incompetent and has no idea how to handle the media. He just trashes dudes. He will withhold the ball from Bell because he is an arrogant bitch.

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WR: John Brown vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

This Steelers’ defense is legit. The Bills will win, but no one will have a good fantasy night with the exception of the defenses in this matchup.

WR: Julio Jones vs. San Francisco 49ers

Refer to Matt Ryan.

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