This is gonna be short and sweet.

I’m not here to mince words. So I’m just gonna say what I’m gonna say. Information is flying fast and loose out there but I want to make sure that my point is not only heard, but seen as righteous and just.

So here it is.

No more dancing around the issue. Time to get down to brass tax. Put rubber to the road. I’m sick of avoiding the issue so I’m just gonna blurt it out. Can’t wait any longer.

So here it is, without further adieu.

Robert Kraft, known sex-have-er (don’t worry he says the baby wasn’t his) and sexual deviant is under arrest and Tom Brady should be too.

It’s no secret now that Brady is vile scum who is probably the devil, and it’s important to note how frequently his lips have touched Robert Kraft’s lips.

Like… it’s a lot.

I’m sex positive so I don’t judge, but they do it much more that what would be considered a mutual business partnership. And Robert Kraft’s lips have touched all sorts of prostitute “lips”.

So now if we do a little hard science and use the transitive property, Brady’s lips have touched prostitute lips. Go figure the adulterous man would fling around with prostitutes. I won’t stand for it. I won’t sit for it either. So I’m going out to spread the word of these horrid acts. It’s disgusting and has no place in the game as far as I’m concerned.

But you know the worst part. I hate to have to go back to the transitive property again, but folks, take a look and decide for yourself.

Unsettling, I know.

Now Brady has thrust his young son into the mix. This is pure hedonism at its worst, and frankly, I have had enough.

Brady must be removed from the game and have all of his mediocre playoff stats erased from the record books. Brady and Kraft have turned One Patriot Place, Foxborough, MA into a god damn safe house for suck-n-fuck debauchery.

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