Listen to Episode 187: NFL Updates & Oakland Raiders Offseason Preview

So far the NFL offseason has taught us that football never sleeps, and apparently neither does Robert Kraft. We discuss a horny Bob Kraft, the latest surrounding Antonio Brown & Le’Veon Bell, a preview of the NFL Combine, selecting Trevor Lawrence over this year’s NFL-draft eligible QBs, and a preview of the Oakland Raiders’ offseason

In this episode you’ll find:

  • Robert Kraft proving this offseason that sex drive never dies
  • The latest on Antonio Brown and how his fantasy football draft position depends on the team he ends up with
  • Top teams to land Le’Veon Bell
  • Which drills to pay attention to and which to ignore during the NFL Combine
  • Would Trevor Lawrence be this year’s top-selected QB if he was eligible for the 2019 NFL Draft?
  • An in-depth look at the Oakland Raiders top needs this offseason and what positions they should target with their three first-round draft picks
  • Ben & DJ’s idea for incorporating the NFL Combine into their upcoming March Madness party
  • Plus much more!