Just when you thought we were done with pre-NFL Draft rookie mocks, here we are at Loaded Box coming at you with another SuperFlex mock draft with the addition of a second round.

Pro days are going on and players’ stock is rising and falling. You can find out about our first-round SuperFlex mock HERE and see what we thought back in January. It’ll give you an idea as to which players have seen their stock rise or fall the most over the last few months.

The five of us here at Loaded Box were happy to get Dan Thury of Beer Fueled Fantasy Football to join us as we get someone from outside of the group to add another perspective into it.

If you’re also looking for both overall and positional rookie rankings, we’ve got those for you HERE, but let’s get this thing started!

1.01: Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson
(pick made by Dylan Mazzola)

Because he has really nice hair and I think he will shatter expectations by year 2/3 in the pros. But seriously, Lawrence is one of the best prospects in college football history. It’s only fitting that he goes 1.01 in superflex. The Jaguars will be obtaining a surefire weapon in Lawrence, who looks to be a top-10 fantasy QB for basically his entire career (Disclaimer on TL, because let’s face it, the Jaguars’ history of drafting combined with its ownership is less than ideal. However, he is that good of a prospect to overcome those odds)

1.02: Justin Fields, QB, Ohio State
(pick made by Ben Morgan)

The pick between Fields and Najee Harris in this position is very close for me. I actually feel like Harris would be the safer pick, but given the fact that this mock is a superflex makes me give the slightest of edges to Fields. I’m not in love with the fact that Fields tends to need to see his receivers open before throwing them the ball. This lack of anticipation may not bode well at the next level. In a perfect world I would attempt to trade this pick to another team that is in need of a quarterback, but since we aren’t allowing trades and Fields potentially brings a fairly safe floor due to his ability as a runner, I’m going to give him the green light here

1.03: Najee Harris, RB, Alabama
(pick made by Dan Thury)

This is where the draft truly starts as this pick could be a variety of different players. I went with Harris because he is my top back in this pretty piss-poor RB class. Considered a top-six RB by most people last year, Harris did nothing but add value to his stock after a monstrous senior season at Alabama. A damn-near-perfect analytical profile, Harris should go day two if not day one of the NFL Draft. He should also be a starter from day one and get you all those juicy fantasy points we crave

1.04: Travis Etienne, RB, Clemson
(pick made by Ryan Miner)

Measuring out at 5’10”, 215 lbs at his pro day has all of us fantasy players drooling over him. He also ran both a 4.41 and 4.43 40-yard dash at said pro day. The added weight may throw up a red flag, but he’s just getting his body ready for the NFL. He’s a true three-down back and could be the first RB taken in the draft. As proven by this mock, seeing two QB’s and two RB’s selected in the top four should be fairly common in superflex rookie drafts. An exception would be if the manager at 1.04 possessed a WR-needy team, then Ja’Marr Chase could also be considered here

1.05: Trey Lance, QB, North Dakota State
(pick made by Mikey Ostrowski)

I’m probably going to regret this… but it’s a mock draft, and dammit, I’m going to get my guy. I’ve gone on the record and have said that Lance might have the highest fantasy ceiling of all of the 2021 quarterbacks (yes, even over Lawrence). Not only does he have a real shot at landing in San Francisco (dream spot for real life AND fantasy), but he’s got arguably the same upside that we get with Lamar Jackson with some added strength and accuracy in the passing game. There’s nothing against Zach Wilson here, it’s just that if I’m going to take a risk on a small sample size quarterback, I’m going to swing for the fences and land the one that rushed for 1,100 yards and threw zero interceptions over a 16-game span. For the record, Chase is so tempting here, but I’ve had really bad luck over the last few years in SuperFlex leagues so I forced myself into a QB here

1.06: Zach Wilson, QB, BYU
(pick made by DJ Premo)

Wilson is my QB2 so when I saw him available at 1.06 I jumped out of my pants to grab him. First off he wears a headband. Second, he will be starting from day one and the Jets (where I predict Wilson gets drafted) have Denzel Mims and added Corey Davis to surround him with a couple of very good targets

1.07: Ja’Marr Chase, WR, LSU
(pick made by Dylan Mazzola)

At this point in the draft four QB’s are already off the board, and the league being a SuperFlex I understand the importance of quarterback with taking Lawrence at 1.01. Ideally, I would’ve liked to grab a potential franchise running back here, but Chase is far too tempting. Especially since Harris and Etienne have already been selected at this point in the draft. With that being said I’m content walking away with the best WR in the draft at 1.07. I think taking the year off at LSU might cause him to not come out of the gates blazing, but I expect Justin Jefferson-type games out of him at some point during his rookie season

1.08: Javonte Williams, RB, North Carolina
(pick made by Ben Morgan)

I’m pretty happy with landing the last of the “big three” running backs at 1.08. There are some that are lower on Williams now after his pro day that featured a less-than-deal 40-yard dash time, but I’m not going to let a straight-line padless speed test deter me from taking a player I think is a fairly complete running back. I’m very curious to find out the landing spots for Harris, Etienne and Williams as I still believe there’s a chance that these three players are all in the mix to be the first RB off the board in dynasty league rookie drafts

1.09: Rashod Bateman, WR, Minnesota
(pick made by Dan Thury)

With the big-four QB’s gone, it’s time I jump into these WR’s. Insane depth is going to create a lot of value as we enter the second half of the first round all the way through the second round. Bateman is my WR2, with an insane production profile that sees him breaking out as a true freshman, to have him hit a 47.9% DR in his junior year to go along with a 44% target share. I know most will like DeVonta Smith here, I like him too, I just loooooove Bateman. And yes, his actual measurements at his pro day weren’t ideal, but he battled with COVID-19 and he’s stated his normal playing weight is 200 lbs, not the 190 he measured at. So a 6’0″, 200-pound WR that runs a mid 4.4 40….yes please!

1.10: DeVonta Smith, WR, Alabama
(pick made by Ryan Miner)

I’ve seen crazy things happen in mock drafts, but to see DeVonta Smith fall all the way to 1.10 is a first. Sure go ahead and knock him for being 165 pounds at 6’1″, but this kid has the talent and the burners to take out defenses. He will be a solid WR2 on an NFL team to start with a WR1 future not too far behind. To see my WR1 fall in this draft behind Chase was basically expected, but Bateman over Smith is a head scratcher for me so I’ll gladly make this pick at 1.10 any day of the week

1.11: Kyle Pitts, TE, Florida
(pick made by Mikey Ostrowski)

I don’t have published SuperFlex rankings, but I do have my 1QB rankings on Loadedboxpodcast.com and Pitts is my No. 4 overall player. He’s probably the most elite tight end prospect since Tony Gonzalez and is almost guaranteed to be a top-10 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Most tight ends take a year or two to develop, but Pitts may be the exception. Wherever he lands, he’s going to be an immediate impact player and I’d gladly sink a late first round rookie pick into that. I have compared him to “the Julio Jones of tight ends”, so you bet your ass I’m going to take him here

1.12: Jaylen Waddle, WR, Alabama
(pick made by DJ Premo)

Waddle is the obvious pick here and seems to be going too low due to the fact he got injured last year. These drafts are a “what have you done for me lately” world. I believe that if Waddle was healthy all of last year that he might be our consensus WR2

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2.01: Kenny Gainwell, RB, Memphis
(pick made by Dylan Mazzola)

Gainwell is a top-four or five running back in nearly everyone’s pre-draft rankings. He very well might be drafted as a starter in real life, which would explode his ADP x100. I don’t feel it’s a reach either, he is extremely talented and deserving of a late first/early second round grade for dynasty. If he’s still there on draft day and you need a RB…grab him

2.02: Terrace Marshall, WR, LSU
(pick made by Ben Morgan)

I’m not gonna lie, I had my eye on Waddle and Gainwell at 2.02, so I’m a little disappointed that they went the two picks before me. However, I’ll accept Marshall as a consolation prize as he provides a bit more from a fantasy perspective than Rondale Moore (the other option I was considering here), in my opinion. My biggest fear with Marshall is that he lands in Baltimore – a common mock draft destination – which would drop him in my rankings and likely out of consideration for this specific spot in a rookie draft

2.03: Rondale Moore, WR, Purdue
(pick made by Dan Thury)

Remember that time I said WR value is insane in the second round… cause yea, it is. Moore is my WR3 in this draft, and outside of his height (5’7″), tell me something that’s wrong with him? Injury concern, every twitter doctor I’ve talked to on this topic is not concerned for Moore’s future when it pertains to injuries. So what do we have now, a WR that completely gobbles up targets, his target share has increase in every season, peaked at 59% in the three games he was healthy in. He posted one of the greatest freshman seasons ever, an insane 37% DR on a 32% target share. Moore’s going to get the draft capital, just got to hope he lands in a creative offense that uses his skill set perfectly

2.04: Mac Jones, QB, Alabama
(pick made by Ryan Miner)

In all honesty, I don’t see Jones falling this far in SuperFlex drafts once the NFL Draft has come and gone because it sounds like there’s a realistic chance that he goes as high as No. 3 overall to the 49ers. If this happens I can see him creeping into the first round, possibly surpassing Lance or going right after him, all depending on his landing spot. Alabama receivers allegedly preferred playing with Jones this past season over Tua Tagovailoa two years ago. Hearing that alone has my attention

2.05: Michael Carter, RB, North Carolina
(pick made by Mikey Ostrowski)

Carter might be the biggest explosion I’ve seen on a football field since “Dark Knight Rises” first came out. Seriously, dude has an incredible burst, is an excellent pass catcher and averaged EIGHT yards per carry on over 150 attempts in 2020. To be honest, Carter may be a better running back than Javonte Williams, but his size could definitely hold him back at the next level. Regardless, I like landing Carter midway through the second. It’s unlikely I’ll find a workhorse in him, but he could be a third-down back and even line up in the slot as soon as week one of his rookie campaign. He’s one of the most versatile backs you’re going to find in this draft class and I can’t pass up on him at No. 17 overall

2.06: Elijah Moore, WR, Ole Miss
(pick made by DJ Premo)

Every time I look at a new NFL mock draft I see Elijah Moore skyrocketing. I have said this before and I will say it again. Moore is a dog and if he lands in an Aaron Rodgers-led offense with Davante Adams receiving all the attention, Moore is going to eat up yards over the middle

2.07: Kylin Hill, RB, Mississippi St.
(pick made by Dylan Mazzola)

I’ll be completely honest and overshare that I am new to the hype train that is Kylin Hill. I’m not sure what I would say his final ceiling is, but I do think he is good…maybe even good enough to land/steal a starting job. I don’t usually draft running back heavy, but given the extreme amount of wide receiver talent, I prefer to take a shot in the dark with this one. In real life Mr. Hill will not be an early pick, but that’s not to say he can’t contend for a starting role. Of course that is all landing spot based, however at the very least, I feel he can be slotted/used similar to how the Colts use Nyheim Hines

2.08: Amon-Ra St. Brown, WR, USC
(pick made by Ben Morgan)

I read a take on Twitter recently that mentioned how NFL teams should take the top-end WR’s in this year’s draft because the drop off is so significant compared to other positions. When I see a topic like that trending I become irrationally upset for a couple of reasons. Do people watch tape? Or do they just see the names Chase, Waddle and Smith and then truly believe it’s just everyone else after that? This class is insanely deep, and look no further than this mock draft as the perfect example. We’re talking about selecting St. Brown as the 20th overall player selected in a rookie draft. You want to know where he’d go in next year’s rookie draft? We have a lot of time before then, but I feel pretty confident saying that it’s a lot damn higher than the 20th overall selection

2.09: Dyami Brown, WR, UNC
(pick made by Dan Thury)

Let’s just keep the good times rolling with these WRs. This RB class is terrible, so don’t feel bad on passing on them after the big 3(4) have gone. Brown is a massive playmaker that had to battle with three NFL-caliber playmakers on offense in 2020 (Dazz Newsome, Javonte Williams, Michael Carter). Brown posted the third-highest YPR in the class while hitting the 30% DR milestone. He’s got big-play ability written all over him. While he may not become a true Alpha in the NFL, he has a DJ Chark type of ceiling to him, plus we’re getting him in the back half of the second round… the perfect time to start taking dart-throw chances at these high-upside players

2.10: Chuba Hubbard, RB, Oklahoma St.
(pick made by Ryan Miner)

The difference from Hubbard’s 2019 campaign and 2020 are completely night and day. In 2019 he set the Big 12 on fire totaling 2,292 yards and 21 touchdowns. He was viewed as one of the top backs in the 2020 NFL Draft, but opted to return to Oklahoma State for his senior season, which proved to be the wrong choice. Hubbard dropped from a likely first-round dynasty pick to here at 2.10, and I’ll gladly take him in every league I can get him in. Sure, his 2020 season is one to forget, but his speed, patience and burst are traits that NFL teams look for. He is a great north/south runner who won’t go east or west too much. If he can improve on his pass blocking and catching, Hubbard could be a sneaky steal in fantasy drafts

2.11: Tylan Wallace, WR, Oklahoma St.
(pick made by Mike Ostrowski)

My favorite note that I have on Wallace is “he doesn’t jump, he floats”. Seriously, go watch his tape or even just his highlight reels on YouTube and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. Wallace is currently my rookie WR8 and is in my top-15 overall (1QB) so I’d be pretty happy to land him at the end of the second round. He reminds me a lot of Tyler Lockett. He’s a speedy deep threat and can be a menace with the ball in his hands. He’s got great separation and runs a pretty route, but I’d be lying if I said I weren’t concerned about his size. Wallace is far from the shortest in the class, but coming in at around 195 lbs is less than ideal, especially on contested catches. Regardless, he’s a total steal at 2.11

2.12 Seth Williams, WR, Auburn
(pick made by DJ Premo)

At this point you are looking for upside and what I remember most about Seth Williams is him having a corner clapping in his face pre snap and then burning that guy for a touchdown and making sure he heard about it. If you know anything about me, that is all it takes to convince me you are going to be a great NFL player

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