You found last year’s game! We’ve got the 2021 NFL Draft Drinking Game available HERE

I believe this is the third year we’ve developed an NFL Draft drinking game, however, the 2020 draft has presented a few challenges.

There’s some uncertainty as to what the broadcast will actually look like, which hinders a few things that may have potentially forced you to take a drink (or two or three) if you’ve played along with us in the past.

But the same way we like to use the phrase “gamble through it” when you’re having a rough betting streak during the NFL season, we’ll drink through it this time and develop a few new wrinkles to this year’s game.

The same rules apply as the last two years. Sometimes you’ll drink once, sometimes twice, sometimes you’ll have to finish your drink – and on the rare occurrences – you’ll have to break out the bottle.

If you’re playing along, please feel free to let us know how your night is going by tagging us in your posts on Twitter!

Let’s Get Loaded!

Take one drink every time the following happens:

  • Someone is selected
  • Any of the following name are said:
    • Dwayne Haskins
    • Tom Brady
    • DeAndre Hopkins
    • Matthew Stafford
    • Philip Rivers
  • The words coronavirus, pandemic, social distancing or COVID-19 are said
  • You receive a text from one of your friends about a pick – since you’re likely flying solo this year unless you’ve got a little Dak Prescott in you
david bakhtiari drinking beer

Take two drinks every time the following happens:

  • A player from the SEC is selected
  • Any time a team is making its second (or third, or fourth…) pick of the round
  • The Giants select anything besides an offensive lineman
  • A wide receiver is described as “a running back once the ball is in his hands”
  • A player that is referred to by his initials (example: A.J. Epenesa) is selected
Dave Gettleman at-home NFL Draft setup

Finish your drink every time the following happens:

  • A trade occurs
  • An analyst mentions the fact that Trevon Diggs & Stefon Diggs are brothers
  • If players from the same school are picked with back-to-back selections
  • The third quarterback comes off the board. Go grab another beer an immediately slam that one if that QB is Jordan Love
  • Mel Kiper breaks out his classic, “Todd, Todd, Todd.” If this doesn’t happen due to this year being an untraditional broadcast, watch this YouTube video (skip ahead to the 1:10 mark) and proceed to finish your drink
Mel Kiper NFL Draft

Break out your favorite hard liquor and take a shot every time the following happens:

  • Your favorite team makes a selection (have fun, Dolphins fans)
  • A running back is selected
  • There is technical difficulties during the broadcast while trying to connect with a prospect or analyst
  • They show footage of Tua Tagovailoa playing his ukulele
  • Yetur Gross-Matos is selected (we’ve gotta keep up the theme of taking a shot when the prospect with the coolest name that’s expected to go in the first round is picked!)
Tua Tagovailoa ukulele

If you don’t pass out immediately after the draft Thursday night, come back to our website and view our first-round grades & recap, which will be available shortly after the conclusion of the first round.

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