We’re back!

As you all know, or at least should know, Loaded Box is your go-to place for drinking games during major football-related sporting events (NFL Draft, Super Bowl, College Football Playoff Bowl Games, etc).

It’s been a weird year and I know several of you will be staying home and avoiding crowds and/or family this Thanksgiving, so you might as well turn to booze since you’ll be spending the day glued to the lackluster games the NFL has provided us with (outside of Pittsburgh/Baltimore).

Now this is the first time we’ve developed a drinking game surrounding the Thanksgiving day NFL games, so work with us as we navigate uncharted waters. But I’m feel confident that not only will you enjoy these football games more due to this drinking game, but you will also start a new Thanksgiving day tradition moving forward that revolves around this annual drinking game that you’ll play with friends and family for the rest of time.

So here it is, your guide to drinking while watching football this Thanksgiving!

Houston Texans @ Detroit Lions (Happy Hour)

  • The game kicks off = one drink
  • A punt occurs = two drinks
  • Adrian Peterson carries the ball = two drinks
  • Will Fuller V catches a pass = five drinks (you roman numeral fans will understand the correlation)
  • If the broadcast dedicates a segment to J.J. Watt’s commitment to the community by showing him volunteering or talking about the money he’s raised = finish your drink
  • The camera flips to Matt Patricia and he looks like he just got done eating his Thanksgiving meal = one drink
    • If the announcers mentions him being on the hot seat at the same time = finish your drink
  • If the game announcer makes any comment resembling, “Deshaun Watson must really miss DeAndre Hopkins…” = finish your drink
  • Any time the name Bill O’Brien is said = take a shot

Washington Football Team @ Dallas Cowboys (Cocktail Party)

  • The game kicks off = two drinks
  • Alex Smith throws an incompletion = one drink
  • A field goal is attempted = two drinks
  • The broadcast camera flips to Mike McCarthy and he looks more confused than he should = two drinks
  • The announcers bring up how big of a blow it was to lose Dak Prescott for the season = two drinks
    • If during this they also bring up the injuries/performance of the offensive line = finish your drink
  • A Washington player mimics Zeke Elliott’s “Feed Me” = finish your drink
  • Andy Dalton gets sacked = two drinks; throws an interception = finish your drink
  • Any member of the broadcast booth stumbles around with the wording of “Washington Football Team” = finish your drink
    • If anyone accidentally calls them by their former team name = take a shot

**Moved to Sunday… but feel free to still play along if you’re ready to get back on the wagon**

Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers (After Bar)

  • The game kicks off = three drinks
  • Lamar Jackson completes a pass = one drink
  • Dez Bryant catches a pass = two drinks (switch this to Hollywood Brown if Dez is inactive)
  • Either team has a three and out = two drinks
  • Either team goes for it on fourth down = finish your drink
  • Chase Claypool is referred to as Mapletron or they bring up the fact that he’s from Canada = finish your drink
  • Old footage of the classic low-scoring Balt/Pitt games (the Ray Lewis days) is shown = finish your drink
  • The camera flips to Mike Tomlin and on the rare occurrence it looks like he’s having a good time = take a shot

If you’re playing along we’d love to hear how it’s going. Let us know on Twitter or in the comments below!

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