Are you tired of being stuck with the 6th, 8th or the last pick in the first round year in and out? Did Todd Gurley get taken No. 1 overall last year and you never had a shot at him? Did Saquon Barkley get snipped one pick ahead of you? Are you tired of not getting the players you want because someone “reached” ahead of you? Or the team that auto-drafted won the league? If you answered yes to any of these, try to convince your league to convert to an auction style league!

To me, snake drafts are not as exciting as many of you may think. It’s time for a new era of fantasy football, and that is auction.

Now, if your league is an unprepared group of individuals that show up with a draft magazine at your live draft, or just picks the player that is next available on your online draft, then auction isn’t for your league.

But, if you have a group of people who are dedicated and fantasy football junkies like you and I, then it’s time to step up your game and play with the big boys!

I have been playing in auction leagues since 2008. I was doing redraft football since 2006 and was invited to play in an auction league in 2008.

Was I in for a surprise.

I was in a 10-team auction league with only three people I knew. I showed up with a magazine and a sheet of paper to keep my players salary in line (we had $50 to spend) and looking at the draft board to see what people are spending and trying to make them spend more. The draft went on for many hours, but at the end of the day, I had a complete roster built.

From this point I was addicted and all I wanted to play was auction. Yes, I still do redraft leagues because as a contributor here at Loaded Box, you have to get every reader’s attention.

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But let’s get started with auction drafting!

In an auction draft each team is given a set budget, lets use the standard and say its $200. Every player is available to bid on and you bid to win that player. The highest bidder wins that player, however, you are now limited on what you can spend on your next players based on how much of your budget you have remaining.

Auction drafts have no limitations to them. You can get any player you want as long as you are the highest bidder. Each person in your league takes turns bringing up a player and that player is on the auction market until no one is willing to bid higher than the current highest bidder.

For example, Barkley will likely be the most-expensive player in 2019 auction drafts. You can spend a huge amount of your budget just to get him, but then you are limited on other players as you try to build your team, so be careful.

There are many ways to build your team. Usually what I like to do is go in with a planned budget of what I am willing to spend on each position. Typically, the way I like to look at it is my starters are 75%-80% of my budget and my bench in the remaining.

Can you be over that? Easily, so be careful if you are in a bidding war!

You can also be under it because say you have 15 slots to fill and you already spent $28 on four players and you just sit and sit and sit and watch players that you “could of” or “should of” bid on, but you froze and jumped out of the bidding.

It’s okay, I still do it to this day. That’s when budgeting yourself comes into play.

Say you budget $25 to running backs, $15 to wide receivers, $5 to quarterbacks and $5 to tight ends. This is a good starting point. Now as you bid and win, you adjust your budget. You spent less than you expected at one position, which allows you to spend a little bit more on another.

Next thing you know you have a complete team and are ready for week one.

Are you ready for auction drafting? You can try it out for free on all websites like Yahoo!, CBS and ESPN. They are very easy to do online with little hassle.

I prefer live drafting with a board and a group of buddies. Tell your friends that they will be starting a trend that will hopefully someday become the norm of fantasy drafting.

If they are wishy washy on the whole idea and don’t want to change, ask them why they are so scared. Are they afraid? Tell them it’s time to man up and play with the big boys! Convince your friends to switch to an auction draft because not only will you not regret it, your friends won’t either!

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