Listen to Episode 191: NFL Draft Top-10 Questions

It took a long time but we finally got Loaded Box Podcast writer and the founder of Goal-Line Fantasy, Mikey Ostrowski, to join us for a podcast. We’re talking 2019 NFL Draft as we go through the top questions for each team selecting in the top 10. We also get a head start on prepping our livers for the upcoming March Madness party

In this episode you’ll find:

  • If not Drew Lock, where do the Broncos turn in the draft?
  • Despite picking up three WR’s in free agency, does a first-round WR make sense for the Bills to help with the development of Josh Allen?
  • What’s the best strategy for the Jaguars in the first round after adding Nick Foles?
  • Will the Giants finally commit to the rebuild and select a QB? Or will they continue to frustrate and confuse fans?
  • Should the Raiders trade up for Kyler Murray or hold onto their three first-round draft picks and build the defense?
  • Does the addition of Le’Veon Bell change the Jets’ first-round draft strategy?
  • Are the 49ers the most likely team in the top five to trade out of their current draft slot?
  • Stick with Josh Rosen or go all in with Kyler Murray? Find out why we have some differing opinions
  • Mikey provides the guys with advice for their upcoming March Madness party
  • Plus much more!