Listen to Episode 190: NFL Free Agency Fallout w/ Beer Fueled Fantasy

With our “A” guest having to back out of this episode last minute, we turned to the “B” team and with no agenda or prep time we put back some beers and talked about the latest happenings in the NFL. OBJ & AB and their fantasy football impact on their new teams, Tyreek Hill’s new issue, the best & worst signings in free agency, and we expose Ben for his lack of knowledge pertaining to real-life events. Oh, and by “B” team we mean Beer Fueled Fantasy’s Kris Hopper

In this episode you’ll find:

  • The latest on Tyreek Hill and his legal issues
  • Kareem Hunt has been suspended the first eight games, where are you picking him this year in fantasy football?
  • Ben squares off against Kris in NFL free agency trivia with real-life questions sprinkled in to expose Ben’s lack of knowledge in current events
  • Will the trio of Baker Mayfield, Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry thrive in Cleveland? Or is this a train wreck in the making?
  • Hopper gives his thoughts on where Antonio Brown ranks among wide receivers in fantasy football heading into 2019
  • Are the Giants reloading? Rebuilding? Or drunk?
  • Breaking News: The Green Bay Packers made moves in free agency!
  • How will Adam Gase handle Le’Veon Bell with his history of shipping away players with big egos?
  • Ben gets emotional thanking Ryan Tannehill for taking a beating on terrible Dolphins’ teams for nearly a decade
  • Will Blake Bortles keep his streak alive of only playing for football teams located in Florida?
  • Is Baltimore the ultimate location for Mark Ingram to thrive?
  • The majority of NFL teams overspend in free agency while Bill Belichick sits back and plays on the diving board on vacation – and it works
  • What to make of a crowded 49ers’ backfield when it comes to fantasy
  • Plus much more!