If you’re not a fan of either team that makes the Super Bowl, the next best thing is sitting down with the list of prop bets and determining which wild occurrences you’re going to be cheering for during the big game.

The possibilities are endless. You can risk your money on in-game performances, pre-game activities such as the coin toss or length of the National Anthem, or even partake in cross-sport betting (which I’ll explain later in the article in the event you’re new to prop betting).

And if you are new to this, you’re going to love it.

There’s nothing better than busting out an overzealous “hell yeah!” and following it up with a Tiger Woods’ fist pump after correctly predicting the coin toss and already being ahead of the game before the contest event starts.

So before Super Bowl Sunday arrives, crack open a couple of Busch Lights, go here and find your favorite prop bets, dial up that bookie, and let’s invest some hard-earned dollars into some crazy shit that we have no control over!

Prop Bet: Opening Coin Toss Will Be:

Heads -102
Tails -102

Lots of theories and strategies are used in an attempt to correctly guess this one. Some strategies include looking up previous year’s results and making your determination based off those. Other people prefer to flip their own coin and go with whichever side comes up most often for them. However, my strategy is simple… I go with my gut. This year has tails written all over it. Why you may ask? My answer is no idea, it’s just how I feel. Plus, I have a 50 percent chance of being right. Not many Super Bowl prop bets are going to give you a true 50/50 chance of winning, so go big here and try to build your bank before the game even starts.

My Pick: Tails -102

Prop Bet: First Penalty of Super Bowl LIII:

Patriots +130
Rams -150

This bet feels like you’re throwing your money away, right? Well hear me out. My theory is that the Patriots always seem to kickoff to begin the game so they have the opportunity of scoring right before halftime and then get the ball back to begin the second half and score again. As a Dolphins’ fan I’ve seen this play out way too many times over the last two decades. With that being said, I think the refs will do their best to let the players decide this game, especially considering the phantom calls and blatant no calls from Conference Championship Weekend, so I think the Patriots and their experience will maintain their composure on this first drive if they start on defense. However, once they get the ball on offense, one of two things seems likely to occur in my opinion. First, you’ve got the Tom Brady factor working in your favor as he gets more calls than any other quarterback in NFL history. And second, Ndamukong Suh is on the other side of the ball, and he has a history of being a little anxious at the line of scrimmage and can let his emotions get the best of him. I’m risking a little more here as the linemakers in Vegas seem to agree with me on this one, but give me the Rams committing the first penalty.

My Pick: Rams -150

Prop Bet: Longest Made Field Goal of Game:

Over 47.5 yards -110
Under 47.5 yards -110

I’ll keep this one short because, kickers. Seems to me that there’s going to be some points scored in this game as Vegas has the over/under point total set at 57. So while there should be plenty of touchdowns to go around, I find it hard to believe at least one of these defenses won’t be able to come up with a third-down stop and force the opposing team into a longer field-goal attempt. With these two kickers, a 48-yard attempt is a chip shot. If a kick of this length is event attempted, my money is on it going through, I’ll take the over.

My Pick: Over 47.5 yards -110

Prop Bet: Team To Score Last in First Half:

Patriots -120

Remember what I said earlier about the Patriots scoring at the end of the first half and then starting with the ball to begin the third quarter? I will bet this every game until Brady and Bill Belichick call it quits.

My Pick: Patriots -120

Image result for tom brady bill belichick

Prop Bet: Will the Rams Convert a 4th-Down Attempt:

Yes -110
No -110

Without giving too much away regarding my prediction for the actual game (since I want you to listen to our latest Super Bowl Preview Podcast found here), I’m leaning towards the Rams finding themselves trailing and needing to make some big plays/fourth-down conversions if they’re going to have a chance in this game. That reason, combined with the creative play calling of Sean McVay, makes me think “Yes” is the likely option here. I’m actually surprised with the odds on this bet, I really like it.

My Pick: Yes -110

Prop Bet: Jersey Number of Player to Score First Touchdown:

Over 26.5 -110
Under 26.5 -110

I’m not going to list out my research for this prop bet as that would be boring, but believe me when I tell you that the Patriots have four players with a jersey number under 26.5 and three players with a jersey number over 26.5 that are most likely to score while the Rams have two under and five over. For those of you who prefer not to do math, that’s a total of six players under and eight players over the set jersey number of 26.5. I really want to take the under here, but both Todd Gurley and C.J. Anderson wearing jersey numbers over 27 has scared me off. Go against the math I did for you earlier in this paragraph and take the under.

My Pick: Under 26.5 -110

Prop Bet: Who Will Have More:

Stephen Curry Free Throws Missed +120
Rob Gronkowski Touchdowns -140

Here’s an example of the cross-sport betting I briefly touched on in the beginning of the article. The bet works exactly how it reads – if you think the number of free throws that Curry will miss in his game against the Lakers on Saturday before the Super Bowl will be greater than the number of touchdowns Gronkowski scores in the Super Bowl, you bet on the Curry side of this prop, and vice versa. With that out of the way, as of January 30, Curry has missed just 13 of 189 free-throw attempts this season – that results in a 93.1 free-throw percentage. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that it’s more likely that Gronkowski and his robotic limbs are more likely to find the endzone than Curry is to miss a single free throw in his game. This seems likely to result in a push as I can easily see Curry going perfect from the charity stripe while Gronk is held out of the endzone, but since we’re here to gamble I’m taking Gronkowski who may be looking to make a splash in what some believe could be his final game (reckless speculation on my part).

My Pick: Gronkowski Touchdowns -140

Prop Bet: Distance of the First Jared Goff Touchdown Pass:

Over 11.5 yards -110
Under 11.5 yards -110

If you gamble regularly during the NFL season you know that sometimes Vegas sets a line that looks too good to be true. That’s exactly how I feel about this prop bet – so you know what that means? You run the other way as fast as you can. Most people will look at this bet and instantly think that the first TD pass from Goff is guaranteed to be more than 12 yards. If you fall into this category, let me remind you that Vegas oddsmakers are very good at their job, and they’re hardly ever wrong. More often than not, when the public is leaning heavily on one side of a bet, you want to find yourself on the other end of that bet. That’s exactly what I’m doing with this specific prop bet. Also, remember the Patriots’ bend but don’t break style of playing defense? They’ll give up some yards in this one, but I have the feeling that Rams’ touchdowns are going to be shorter in length than what the general audience believes, especially when you’re looking at an offense that averaged nearly 33 points and over 420 yards per game during the regular season.

My Pick: Under 11.5 yards -110

Prop Bet: Giselle Bundchen Shown on Live Broadcast:

Over 1.5 times -110
Under 1.5 times -110

It’s the Super Bowl, it’s the most-viewed TV program every single year, and sex sells. The person for CBS that decides which cameras should be utilized during the non-game action times of the Super Bowl should be fired if Giselle isn’t shown more than once. Remember the wild performance she put on in Super Bowl 51? You’re going to want to capture that on TV again, and if the Patriots wind up victorious and Giselle’s had a couple cocktails, the over is a lock here.

My Pick: Over 1.5 times -110

Prop Bet: Color of Liquid Poured on Winning Coach:

Clear +250
Yellow +300
Blue +400
Orange +400
Red +600
Green +700
Purple +900

Once again, a fan-favorite prop bet that you can do a little research on beforehand if you know in advance that you’re planning on betting it. Did you pay attention to the color of the liquid that was poured on McVay in the Rams’ victory? Did you pay attention to the color of the liquid that was poured on Belichick in the Patriots’ victory? Well if you knew you were going to bet on this proposition come Super Bowl Sunday, it’s pretty safe to say you were taking notes during Conference Championship Weekend. Attending a fantasy football party with an open bar prevented me for doing this research for you, so if you are looking for the results from these games I previously mentioned, you’re going to have to look elsewhere. Or you can join me with another strategy. Water (or clear) would be the obvious choice here – and Vegas agrees – since the players that coordinate the pouring of this liquid over the coach’s head don’t always have time to pick and choose what they are going to pour. You know that there’s always going to be water on the sideline in a Gatorade cooler, but there isn’t a guarantee that some of these other colors are going to be included. Also, in the event they grab a Gatorade cooler that actually contains Gatorade, there is a clear-ish color of Gatorade that may be an option; so you’re basically getting two potential options by selecting clear. However, the payout is what’s going to drive my bet on this one. No one likes Blue Gatorade, that’s not going to be an option. I wanted to go with Yellow or Orange since they are the best flavor options, but when you see Red +600 sitting out there, how do you not jump all over it? When I think of Gatorade, I immediately think of a red-colored juice. I think this may be due to the fact that I drink Red Gatorade for hangovers and prefer Orange and/or Yellow for during/after exercise. I guess this also goes to show how much more drinking I do than exercise…

My Pick: Red +600

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