Podcast: Super Bowl LIII Preview w/ Ben Allbright

Listen to Episode 184: Super Bowl LIII Preview w/ Ben Allbright

Super Bowl time! So that calls for one of our favorite guests, on-air radio guy, on-air tv guy, and alleged raccoon tamer, Ben Allbright. We talk Rams/Patriots, DJ & Ben’s history with Case Keenum, prop bets, offseason quarterback changes, showering techniques and all sorts of great topics with one of the best guests you can have on a podcast!

In this episode you’ll find:

  • Score predictions for Rams/Patriots
  • Our favorite prop bets for Sunday’s game
  • All sorts of great stories & life advice from Ben Allbright including:
    • Getting caught by Rex Ryan in a van with a soccer mom
    • Recent Netflix reviews & recommendations
    • What Ben looks for when watching NFL games/players
    • Which college QBs he has the most faith in & which he has zero faith in
    • Rumored destinations for some big-name NFL QBs this offseason
    • Why you’ve been showering incorrectly your entire life
    • Getting into bar fights in Wisconsin
    • Using a bidet for the first time
  • Plus much more – check this one out!

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