Podcast: Super Bowl 53 Recap

Listen to Episode 185: Super Bowl 53 Recap

The Brady/Belichick duo wins another one and we’re back to recap the action from Super Bowl 53. Despite a 13-3 final score, were you still entertained? What’s going on with the Rams’ use of Todd Gurley? Julian Edelman was the MVP, but who really deserved it for the Patriots? And what’s with Tom Brady kissing Robert Kraft and other guys on the mouth?

In this episode you’ll find:

  • What kept the guys entertained despite a 13-3 final score
  • Patriots & Rams coaching: As good as everyone said it was, or overblown by the media?
  • How can you explain/justify the small amount of touches for Todd Gurley?
  • Our theory for why Tom Brady is more than comfortable mouth kissing other dudes
  • Why Julian Edelman and the NFL Hall of Fame should never be in the same sentence
  • How using a first-round pick on Sony Michel has already paid off for the Patriots
  • Super Bowl parties remain overrated and need to be on the list of dont’s when it comes to the NFL & fantasy football
  • A look ahead to the betting odds for next year’s Super Bowl champion
  • Plus much more!

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