I get it. I truly do. If I wasn’t a born Masshole and a Patriots’ fan, I’d probably hate them as well.

No one wants to see the same team dominate season after season. Nor do they want to see that same team win the Super Bowl numerous times either. 

I understand the hate. I truly do.

However, I think it’s time to step back and appreciate exactly what it is that the Patriots’ organization has done.

Why do they win so much? Why does it seem like they are playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers?

I’ll tell you. 

Team sports is the best thing we have on earth. It’s the one thing (besides tragedy) that brings us together as people. You put men and women from different backgrounds, shapes/sizes and colors on one team. They set aside their differences, egos, pride and work for a common goal. 

To win a championship, or even get there, you’ve got to work hard and have a bit of luck as well.

In New England, they know this. So, by design they’ve got a coach, owner, quarterback and GM that are ALL on the same page. 

These four HAVE TO BE on the same page in order to put the best possible product on the field. 

When players like/love each other, they play their hearts out. Not for money or fame, but for each other. That’s when they actually play their best. When it’s for an unselfish reason.

That is why the Patriots win so much. It’s why they’ve done something that I feel is unprecedented in sports. Winning for eight years and going to conference championships is HARD.

And it’s not because the league isn’t good enough or their division is weak. It’s because of the mentality of the players and the culture in the building. 

Consistently, every year, players buy in and sacrifice for the greater good. If they aren’t on board they are moved on. Regardless of how good you are or were. 

It’s a well run business. And business is BOOMING.

Now, another question, is it good for the league? Yes! Yes it is.

Just like super teams in the NBA are good. Having dominant teams in the leagues make other teams raise their level of play, and also make them adjust their way of thinking. 

It’s not rocket science guys.

Now I recently came up with an opinion that organizations that have a tough time winning or putting a good crew of members together is solely on the owners. 

Case and point…. Stephen Ross (Dolphins owner). Ross is a great BUSINESS man. But he’s not a football man. If you’re an owner that doesn’t love football and can’t relate to your employees, how do you expect to hire the right people?

Remember, this is just my opinion. But when I was coaching high school basketball, the kids were talking about Snapchat, IG, new school hip hop. 

If I don’t know what those things are and can’t chat with them about pop culture, how can we relate to one another and get on the same page?

It’s just an example, but it’s another one that explains the influx of new young coaches. Sean McVay is a perfect example. 

His players relate and respect him to a point where they’d sacrifice everything to win for him. It’s how our world works now.

Bottom line, the New England Patriots are a phenomenal organization. They’ve shown us the way. Time to copy the blueprint.

Side note: Tom Brady is the greatest QB to ever do it. A coach on the field and smarter than given credit for.

We’ll discuss next time. Enjoy this Super Bowl. It should be a fun one.

Matt DeFalco is a featured blogger for the Loaded Box Podcast. Check out his article archive and find more from the Loaded Box on Twitter & Facebook!