The days after winning a fantasy football championship are funny. You’re not only happy you won, but you find yourself a bit relieved after a long and strenuous season.

Yet I still find myself yearning for more.

I remember being thrilled beyond belief; but I also remember the feeling of wanting to win another. After my second championship, same thing.

Another! (I now understand how athletes get addicted to winning rings and where the motivation comes from after a championship)  

I personally had two championship games this season. Thankfully! 

Six leagues, four playoffs, and two championship games. 

I’ve played fantasy for 10+ years now. My very first championship came my second year. And then I didn’t win another one for almost eight years.

Micheal Jordan said it best “Losing makes you a better winner.”

I went through my phases. 

The “I’m not listening to gurus” phase.

The “I’m drafting my favorite players” phase.

The “I’ll never draft a Jets’ or Bills’ player” phase.

And the “I’ll draft 3 WR’s with my top-three picks” phase (tried to corner the market).

In my early years I started and used my heart way too much. As I grew and matured I started to read/use my head more. Crazy this world we live in. There’s no instruction manual on how to get smarter and become better. We learn on the fly. And some lessons are harder than others. 

In fantasy the losing hurts more than the winning feels good. Well, at least that’s me. Yes, I won a fantasy championship a few weeks ago. But I’m still second guessing my lineup choices in the matchup. Why? Why do I do that? 

So, if I’ve got some sound advice that I don’t follow myself….

Enjoy the championship you have. Not the one that got away.

Only one championship appearance and you lost? Start planning your world dominance for next season TODAY! 

No championships matchups in a losing season?

I’m a manager at a strip club. Stop by. Say you’re there to see Matt. I’ll get you a drink and help you plan your course of attack. 

For next season. Not for the club. 🙂   

Side note: the two leagues I didn’t get into playoffs, I drafted Antonio Brown first overall.

Why? Poor luck at my two RB selections. But also, lack of depth at No.1 stud RB’s.

You’ve got to take a stud RB with that first-round selection. Now, if you go WR No. 1 overall you’ve got to get LUCKY when it comes to your RB’s.

In the 2016-17 season I went Odell Beckham Jr. and Brandon Marshall first /second overall. But I got SUPER LUCKY at RB. Drafted LeSean McCoy in the third and Matt Forte in the fourth. They both went on to have amazing seasons. 

My point is, you can’t make up for a Saquon Barkley, Alvin Kamara, Christian McCaffrey, Todd Gurley, Zeke Elliott, and “Can’t Miss” guys. 

Other side of that coin is also the injured first-round stud or guy that doesn’t perform up to standards. 

David Johnson and Le’Veon Bell are examples. Now these types of things aren’t highly likely to happen but you’ve got to understand one MAJOR thing about fantasy football….. LUCK is a major factor. 

One of my leagues I took Jerick McKinnon and Jimmy GQ. I had high hopes for that 49ers’ offense. I went all in.

First McKmart went down before the first game and then GQ in an early-season game. 

Point being, you can prepare and think you’ve got the winning formula all summer long. But Luck be a Lady tonight. Luck is a huge part of it. Health luck. Hitting on your draft pick luck. There’s only so much you can do. But now is the time to start your plan for next season.

Congratulations to all you Big Dog Fantasy Champs out there. Enjoy the offseason, Champ.

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