I gathered twelve of the most average minds (including myself) in the Fantasy Football community to do an eight-round mock draft.  And let me tell you it was a beautiful, shit show and I wouldn’t want it any other way.  Getting a bunch of dudes to concentrate on a slow mock draft via twitter DM’s is both frustrating and the most entertaining thing you can do.

The league rules were as follows; Standard scoring (non-ppr) and comprise an entire starting lineup (1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 2 Flex, TE).

The agenda here is to go round by round and list my favorite and least favorite pick after each round.  At the end, I will have a snap shot of the entire mock draft.  I tried to be as unbiased as possible but bias will always play a role in anyone’s analysis and if someone tells you differently, punch them in the dick.

Below is a list of all the people who participated in this mock draft and whom they write, podcast, work for:

(Nick Spartz (@NickSpartz) of Beer Fueled Fantasy, Kris Hopper (@HoppBFF) of Beer Fueled Fantasy, Robert Molnar (@rmolnar10) of Loaded Box, Mikey Ostrowski (@MikeyOstrowski) of Loaded Box & Underground Sports Philly, Blake Sullivan (@BlakeSullivanFF) of RotoBaller & The FSGN, Ben Morgan (@LoadedBox_Ben) of Loaded Box, Ryan Miner (@RyanMiner8) of Loaded Box, Eliot Crist (@EliotCrist) of The Quant Edge, Dan Thury (@ThuryBff) of Beer Fueled Fantasy, Alex Barson (@AlexO-OProdigy) of Underground Sports Philly, Andrew Erickson (@AndrewErickson_) of Gridiron Experts, DJ Premo (@loadedboxDJ) of Loaded Box)

Before you read all my favorite and least favorite picks I want to add one more thing.  You will not see me try and prove my point by using numbers very often.  Numbers are for nerds. I will always make my analysis based off of my projected talent of a player and his team around him. This projection is widely known as the “eye-test.”

Round 1

  1. Nick Spartz – David Johnson, RB1, Arizona Cardinals
  2. Kris Hopper – Todd Gurley, RB2, LA Rams
  3. DJ Premo – Le’Veon Bell, RB3, Pittsburgh Steelers
  4. Robert Molnar – Ezekiel Elliot, RB4, Dallas Cowboys
  5. Mikey Ostrowski – Antonio Brown, WR1, Pittsburgh Steelers
  6. Blake Sullivan – DeAndre Hopkins, WR2, Houston Texans
  7. Ben Morgan – Odell Beckham Jr., WR3, NY Giants
  8. Ryan Miner – Saquon Barkley, RB5, NY Giants
  9. Eliot Crist – Alvin Kamara, RB6, New Orleans Saints
  10. Dan Thury – Leonard Fournette, RB7, Jacksonville Jaguars
  11. Alex Barson – Melvin Gordon, RB8, LA Chargers
  12. Andrew Erickson – Julio Jones, WR4, Atlanta Falcons

Least Favorite Pick: David Johnson

There are really no picks I hate in this round so I had to pick this one because there are three other guys I would have taken ahead of DJ. I am not worried about DJ’s injury but what I am worried about is the offense he is in.  Just about everything is new and offensive line is a weakness in Arizona.  Give me the three running backs that went before him.

Favorite Pick: Leonard Fournette

The Jaguars are solid up front and I am of the mindset that Fournette’s workload will be the same as 2017.  Add to the fact, that I believe he will be more involved as a pass catcher and you have a guy who can finish as a top five RB.  I would take Fournette ahead of both Kamara and Saquon.  As I previously mentioned, I don’t think anyone made a bad pick in the first round.

Round 2

  1. Andrew Erickson – Michael Thomas, WR5, New Orleans Saints
  2. Alex Barson – Dalvin Cook, RB9, Minnesota Vikings
  3. Dan Thury – Kareem Hunt, RB10, KC Chiefs
  4. Eliot Crist – Rob Gronkowski, TE1, NE Patriots
  5. Ryan Miner – Keenan Allen, WR6, LA Chargers
  6. Ben Morgan – Jordan Howard, RB11, Chicago Bears
  7. Blake Sullivan – Davante Adams, WR7, Green Bay Packers
  8. Mikey Ostrowski – Christian McCaffrey, RB12, Carolina Panthers
  9. Robert Molnar – AJ Green, WR8, Cincinnati Bengals
  10. DJ Premo – Mike Evans, WR9, TB Buccaneers
  11. Kris Hopper – Doug Baldwin, WR10, Seattle Seahawks
  12. Nick Spartz – Joe Mixon, RB13, Cincinnati Bengals

Least Favorite Pick: Joe Mixon

What has changed for the Cincinnati Bengals from this year to last year? Marvin Lewis somehow retained this job and he just isn’t a guy anyone should trust. Offensive line is still a huge problem in the middle.  Joe Mixon will find little to no running room early in the game and when the Bengals inevitably get down, Mixon owners will be upset to see Gio on the field more late than Mixon because Marvin Lewis is a BAD COACH. Mixon will finish significantly lower than his ADP of 2.08.  Needless to say I will not have any shares of Mixon this year.

Favorite Pick: Davante Adams

I have Adams projected as my number one Wide Receiver.  Most of you will see this as a homer pick, which is fair, but I have my reasons.  I truly believe he should be taken at the end of the first round or a couple of picks into the second round at the latest.  Davante finished 2017 with 10 TD’s and Just under 1,000 yards and he had Brett Hundley as his QB for most of the season.  When Rodgers is healthy, it is pretty much a guarantee he will have a top 7 WR.  I project Davante Adams to finish with 13-15 TD’s and 1200 yards receiving.  Davante is the safest WR in all of fantasy this year. @ me.

Round 3

  1. Nick Spartz – T.Y. Hilton, WR11, Indianapolis Colts
  2. Kris Hopper – Jerrick Mckinnon, RB14, San Francisco 49ers
  3. DJ Premo – Devonta Freeman, RB15, Atlanta Falcons
  4. Robert Molnar – Sony Michel, RB16, NE Patriots
  5. Mikey Ostrowski – Adam Thielen, WR12, Minnesota Vikings
  6. Blake Sullivan – Kenyan Drake, RB17, Miami Dolphins
  7. Ben Morgan – Aaron Rodgers, QB1, Green Bay Packers
  8. Ryan Miner – Travis Kelce, TE2, KC Chiefs
  9. Eliot Crist – Tyreek Hill, WR13, KC Chiefs
  10. Dan Thury – Amari Cooper, WR14, Oakland Raiders
  11. Alex Barson – Stefon Diggs, WR15, Minnesota Vikings
  12. Andrew Erickson – Derrius Guice, RB18

Least Favorite Pick: Travis Kelce

This just in… I fucken hate tight ends.  Especially in the third round.  I understand taking Gronk in round two because when healthy him and Brady are TD machines.  I will not deny that potential, but I will not be the one taking that risk either.  After that, not a single TE is worth it.  Travis Kelce is playing in an offense with a QB that has no experience.  My personal feelings on Mahomes is that he is going to be a huge disappointment to his fans, fantasy owners and team. Add to that, the fact that they just lost the guy calling the plays that gave Kelce his great numbers (Matt Nagy) and I smell a recipe for disappointment.

Favorite Pick: TY Hilton

Nick Spartz probably thinks I hate him because his first 2 picks were my least favorite.  Don’t worry nick.  You made my favorite pick at 3.01 with TY Hilton.  Everything is pointing to Andrew Luck being healthy and ready.  My eyes light up when I hear that.  TY Hilton automatically shoots way up my rankings.  Nick grabbed TY Hiltion as WR11.  The last year that Hilton played with Luck (2016) he finished with 1,448 yards and 6 TD’s, which was good for WR5.  Let’s not forget Luck wasn’t healthy in 2016 either!  I am hoping people continue to forgot about T.Y Hilton in all my drafts this year.

Round 4

  1. Andrew Erickson – Lesean McCoy, RB19, Buffalo Bills
  2. Alex Barson – Larry Fitzgerald, WR16, Arizona Cardinals
  3. Dan Thury – Golden Tate, WR17, Detroit Lions
  4. Eliot Crist – Rashaad Penny, RB20, Seattle Seahawks
  5. Ryan Miner – Josh Gordon, WR18, Cleveland Browns
  6. Ben Morgan – Derrick Henry, RB21, Tennessee Titans
  7. Blake Sullivan – Zach Ertz, TE3, Philadelphia Eagles
  8. Mikey Ostrowski – Ronald Jones, RB22, TB Buccaneers
  9. Robert Molnar – Marvin Jones, WR19, Detroit Lions
  10. DJ Premo – Allen Robinson, WR20, Jacksonville Jaguars
  11. Kris Hopper – Alex Collins, RB23, Baltimore Ravens
  12. Nick Spartz – Royce Freeman, RB24, Denver Broncos

Least Favorite Pick: Rashaad Penny

I am going to make this quick because this is easy for me.  Rashaad Penny is playing behind an offensive line that is absolutely atrocious.  He is a straight up runner who is not good after contact. He is playing for a team in the Seattle Seahawks who has an awful defense which will cause their offense to have to throw a ton.  The reason that is bad for Penny is because he is widely known as the worst pass blocking running back in the entire draft.  You will see more Chris Carson this year than Rashaad Penny.  Do not draft him.

Favorite Pick: Derrick Henry

This is an unpopular pick as people are widely on the Dion Lewis train.  I am not one of those guys and I will tell you why.  The Patriots continually have players overachieve in their offense because of Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and their overall scheme. The Tennessee Titans are not the Patriots.  How many times have you seen guys leave New England and never be heard of again?  I could go back and name a ton.  Derrick Henry will be fed the ball a lot and I expect this offense to bounce back this year.  Their offensive line is really good and they are a team who likes to run the ball.  I completely expect Henry to finish as a top 15 RB.

Round 5

  1. Nick Spartz – Demaryius Thomas, WR21, Denver Broncos
  2. Kris Hopper – JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR22, Pittsburgh Steelers
  3. DJ Premo – Corey Davis, WR23, Tennessee Titans
  4. Robert Molnar – Will Fuller, WR24, Houston Texans
  5. Mikey Ostrowski – Alshon Jeffery, WR25, Philadelphia Eagles
  6. Blake Sullivan – Deshaun Watson, QB2, Houston Texans
  7. Ben Morgan – Jimmy Graham, TE4,
  8. Ryan Miner – Lamar Miller, RB25, Houston Texans
  9. Eliot Crist – Brandin Cooks, WR26, LA Rams
  10. Dan Thury – Dion Lewis, RB26, Tennessee Titans
  11. Alex Barson – Greg Olsen, TE5, Carolina Panthers
  12. Andrew Erickson – Kyle Rudolph, TE6, Minnesota Vikings

Least Favorite Pick: Will Fuller

This may be me my least favorite pick of the entire draft.  I understand that Will Fuller had good to very good games in the four games him and Watson were on the field together.  That can be marked down as an anomaly.  Watson was able to use his feet to extend time and allow Fuller to get open down the field.  Do not expect that to happen this year.  Fuller is a track athlete who cornerbacks will be able to be physical with, as they have been in the past, and that will cause frustration and struggle.  He is not a good WR and I completely expect him to be passed on the WR depth chart by rookie Keke (Do you love me?) Coutee.

Favorite Pick: Corey Davis

Yes, this is my pick.  And if you listen to the Loaded Box Podcast you know how much I love Corey Davis.  Davis came into his rookie year at 90% with a hamstring injury and never got a chance to get fully healthy.  In his second year, he is healthy, and is ready to display everything people were expecting from Davis last year.  Mariota will bounce back and the offensive balance will allow Corey Davis to see lots of 1 on 1 matchups.  He will be target monster. Draft Corey Davis at least one round earlier than his ADP and thank me by mailing me money.  You’re Welcome.

Round 6

  1. Andrew Erickson – Sammy Watkins, WR27, KC Chiefs
  2. Alex Barson – Russell Wilson, QB3, Seattle Seahawks
  3. Dan Thury – Jarvis Landry, WR28, Cleveland Browns
  4. Eliot Crist – Chris Hogan, WR29, NE Patriots
  5. Ryan Miner – Kerryon Johnson, RB27, Detroit Lions
  6. Ben Morgan – Emmanuel Sanders, WR30, Denver Broncos
  7. Blake Sullivan – Jay Ajayi, RB28, Philadelphia Eagles
  8. Mikey Ostrowski – Cam Newton, QB4, Carolina Panthers
  9. Robert Molner – Tom Brady, QB5, NE Patriots
  10. DJ Premo – Carson Wentz, QB6, Philadelphia Eagles
  11. Kris Hopper – Delanie Walker, TE7, Tennessee Titans
  12. Nick Spartz – Andrew Luck, QB7, Indianapolis Colts

Least Favorite Pick: Emmanuel Sanders

Another no brainer pick in my opinion.  The Broncos added Case Keenum, who is a bad quarterback that played in the perfect system, in Minnesota, that hid his weaknesses.  Now he is back on a team who has no running game, aging WR’s and a defense who is half as good as they were 3 years ago.  Sanders finished as WR61 last year and this team has done nothing to improve.  I don’t want anyone in this offense.  No thank you.

Favorite Pick: Andrew Luck

Nick went with the stack in round 6 and landed Andrew Luck.  I have no worries about Lucks shoulder and expect him to go back to what he was before and even at the beginning of his injury issues.  A ghetto superstar. This is way better value than Watson in the 4th and Brady in the 5th.  The only reason he went as early as the 6th round is because of the amount of rounds in this mock and the requirement of taking a QB.  Lucks actual ADP is 8.12, which continues to sky rocket from where he originally was being taken. Grab him in the 7th and stack him with T.Y. like Nick did and watch the points add up.

Round 7

  1. Nick Spartz – Evan Engram, TE8, NY Giants
  2. Kris Hopper – Kirk Cousins, QB8, Minnesota Vikings
  3. DJ Premo – Randall Cobb, WR31, Green Bay Packers
  4. Robert Molnar – Trey Burton, TE9, Chicago Bears
  5. Mikey Ostrowski – Mark Ingram, RB29, New Orleans Saints
  6. Blake Sullivan – Jamaal Williams, RB30, Green Bay Packers
  7. Ben Morgan – Tevin Coleman, RB 31, Atlanta Falcons
  8. Ryan Miner – Michael Crabtree, WR32, Baltimore Ravens
  9. Eliot Crist – Jamison Crowder, WR33, Washington Redskins
  10. Dan Thury – Drew Brees, QB9, New Orleans Saints
  11. Alex Barson – Marshawn Lynch, RB32, Oakland Raiders
  12. Andrew Erickson – Rex Burkhead, RB33, NE Patriots

Least Favorite Pick: Rex Burkhead

I hate picking on my guy out of Nebraska, the greatest University in America.  But I have to.  I whole-heartedly believe this is the Sony Michel.  Rex Burkhead will be out that as a reliable option on some third downs but he won’t get near enough touches to validate even being drafted this year.  Belichick would not draft a running back in the first round if this wasn’t a guy who he loved and planned on using a lot.  He doesn’t value that position enough to make that mistake.  He sees what I see in Michel. Michel is my prediction for rookie running back to finish second behind Barkley in fantasy points and will push him for rookie of the year.

Favorite Pick: Mark Ingram

When Mike Ostrowski made this pick I got really mad at myself.  This guy finish as RB6 last year with the saints and just dropped to the 7th round. When he gets back from his suspension expect him to pick up where he left off last year.  The Saints figured out a way to use Kamara and Ingram together to make them both matchup nightmares.  This is the reason I think you won’t see the same production out of Kamara for the first 4 games that Ingram’s.  They need each other. Some Saints fans porn below…


Round 8

  1. Andrew Erickson – Matt Ryan, QB10, Atlanta Falcons
  2. Alex Barson – Robby Anderson, WR34, NY Jets
  3. Dan Thury – Jordan Reed, TE10, Washington Redskins
  4. Eliot Crist – Patrick Mahomes, QB11, KC Chiefs
  5. Ryan Miner – Matt Stafford, QB12, Detroits Lions
  6. Ben Morgan – Sterling Shepard, WR35, NY Giants
  7. Blake Sullivan – CJ Anderson, RB34, Carolina Panthers
  8. Mikey Ostrowski – Tyler Eifert, TE11, Cincinnati Bengals
  9. Robert Molnar – Nelson Agholor, WR36, Philadelphia Eagles
  10. DJ Premo – David Njoku, TE12, Cleveland Browns
  11. Kris Hopper – Isaiah Crowell, RB35, NY Jets
  12. Nick Spartz – Pierre Garcon, WR37, San Francisco 49ers

Least Favorite Pick: Patrick Mahomes

There are two reasons I hate this pick: 1. I truly believe that Patrick Mahomes will struggle with NFL defenses and have a ton of turnovers and a very bad fantasy and real life season, 2. He was drafted ahead of Matthew Stafford. Enough Said.

Favorite Pick: Matthew Stafford

Matt Stafford continues to be me the most overlooked Fantasy Football QB of all time and I don’t get it.  He finishes as a QB1 every single year.  You just don’t get that kind of reliability out of a lot of QB’s from year to year in football and especially in fantasy football.  When you draft Matthew Stafford you are drafting a QB whom you know is going to put up very good numbers for your team week to week and that’s what you need to win championships.  Stop overlooking Matt Stafford, please.

Below is a snap shot of the Mock Draft in its entirety.  Please comment or tweet or insult me and let me know whose team you think is the best.



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