The trade deadline in the NFL is quickly approaching (November 2), but lucky for us we’ve got quite a few weeks left before the deadline in our dynasty leagues.

We may see some fireworks at the deadline this year compared to years in the past, especially if Deshaun Watson is moved, and a couple of this week’s nominations may create some waves in your leagues if you’re able to make a trade go through for one of the players mentioned below.

Well I’m writing this on Monday night and I’ve got Seahawks +6 and I’m excited for the return of Peyton & Eli’s version of Monday Night Football, so let’s get to it.

Joe Mixon, RB, Cincinnati Bengals

Mixon is the type of player you’re going to have to pay up to acquire, but with how well the Bengals’ offense has looked recently it would be my advice to try to land the team’s RB1. He’s likely only on the market if your league’s current owner is struggling, but after four straight weeks of double-digit fantasy points, any worries about whether or not we were going to get the productive version of Mixon this year have likely been erased. The 25 year old gets the Jets and Browns before their Week 10 bye.

Trey Lance, QB, San Francisco 49ers

A couple of things here. First, hopefully your league’s current owner is impatient. Second, hopefully your league’s current owner read Mike Florio’s article from late last week, which called the Trey Lance experiment a disappointment. His article, which you shouldn’t read because that trash doesn’t deserve the publicity its received, in a nutshell is one of the biggest reasons fans are becoming more and more impatient with young quarterbacks. Aaron Rodgers sat three years behind Brett Favre. Patrick Mahomes sat nearly a full year behind Alex Smith. Florio and others are ready to write off Lance after one start?!? Like I said, hopefully your league’s current owner has lost faith already as well, and if they have, pounce now on the opportunity. It’s just a matter of time before Lance takes over and adds a running element from the QB position to the 49ers’ offense, and as we all know, that leads to a fairly safe floor on a weekly basis when it comes to fantasy football.

T.J. Hockenson, TE, Detroit Lions

Hockenson has recorded double-digit fantasy points just one time in his last five games, so if you want to make a move for the 24-year-old tight end, now is the time. I can’t promise you this move is going to make you significantly better this year, but I think over the long term that this move will work out swimmingly for you. Hockenson and the Lions will eventually get things figured out – it obviously can’t get much worse than an 0-7 start – so I’m betting more so on the future than anything when it comes to attempting to acquire Hockenson. No one is questioning his talent and athleticism, so being able to land a young stud (potentially at a bit of a discount right now) at a position that doesn’t feature too many elite options is definitely something to look into.

David Montgomery, RB, Chicago Bears

Montgomery was off to a nice start to the 2021 season, posting two 20+ fantasy-point outings in the first four weeks, but ended up being placed on IR after suffering a knee injury. Montgomery won’t come cheap, but there may be a window here to acquire him after rookie running back Khalil Herbert’s performance over the last three weeks. Herbert went for 75 yards on 18 carries in Week 5, and has since posted back-to-back 15+ fantasy-point weeks with the most recent coming against Tampa Bay’s stout run defense (18-100-0). I don’t think there are too many people that fear Montgomery won’t get his starting job back once he’s healthy, but my assumption is that there are some owners that will see Herbert’s recent production as a threat and believe he’ll take some snaps/steal some of Montgomery’s fantasy points once both players are in the mix. There are certain players worth paying up for, and despite the fact that Montgomery suffered a knee injury a few weeks back, he’s still worth checking into in case your league’s current owner has some doubt.

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