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2021 Fantasy Football Mock Draft: 12-team, 0.5 PPR

DeAndre Hopkins remains a top option at receiver heading into the 2021 fantasy football season

Preseason football has began so that means it’s time to start focusing in on your upcoming fantasy football drafts. The guys at Loaded Box don’t really believe too much in the offseason, since during this time we’re typically researching NFL Draft prospects and scheming up ways to maximize our dynasty league rosters, but we understand that not everyone revolves their life around football and beer while chasing toddlers around like we do (Ryan has 17 kids), so we felt the timing was right to drop our first redraft mock of the offseason.

For this mock we utilized the Sleeper app and used the randomizer to determine which draft slots the four of us would select from. Ben received No. 1, Ryan No. 3, DJ No. 7 and Mikey No. 11. We’ve listed all of the picks below while adding commentary to each of the selections we personally made.

Take a look at the results below and let us know which team ended with the best roster. Hit us up on Twitter or leave a message in the comments section below!

Round 1

Team 1 – 1.01

I was the lucky one that landed the No. 1 draft slot via the randomizer, and I proceeded to do what 99.9% of you would have done in this position – selected Christian McCaffrey. Best player at a scarce position – check. A running back that catches a millions passes each year – check. Nearly a sure thing to finish top three at the position if he stays healthy – check. Easy pick – now let’s hope the board is nice to me since I’ll be waiting a while

Team 2 – 1.02

Team 3 – 1.03

Coming fresh off the PUP list I have no fear taking Barkley at No. 3. He’s a true generational talent and in my eyes is better overall than CMC, it’s just that Dave Gettleman doesn’t know how to build a team. He is going to prove the haters wrong this year and be back to his 2018 form. He may be going around the end of the first in most drafts, but I want him on all my teams because I see the bounce back coming. There’s a reason I have him as my RB2, and even if I had the second pick, I would still take him

Team 4 – 1.04

Team 5 – 1.05

Team 6 – 1.06

Team 7 – 1.07

Team 8 – 1.08

Team 9 – 1.09

Team 10 – 1.10

Team 11 – 1.11

JT is a fantastic runner who enjoyed a nice little breakout at the end of his rookie year. Sure, he’s gotta worry about Nyheim Hines on 3rd downs, but it is what it is. He’s running behind a stellar offensive line and since the Colts have a great defense, it leads me to believe that Taylor will be relied on heavily in (what should be) plenty of low-scoring games. Wentz is a bit of a downgrade for the PPR upside for the running backs in Indianapolis, but he’s still been known to give his backs a look here and there. JT has top-5 upside and that’s all I could ask for at the end of the first

Team 12 – 1.12

Round 2


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