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Round 2

Team 12 – 2.01

Team 11 – 2.02

Taking a TE this early goes against my fantasy philosophy, but he’s basically an elite WR1 that I can plug into a spot that most people will be getting like eight weekly points in. Kelce has been fantasy’s TE1 overall for a handful of seasons now and it’s a supreme advantage that I wanted very, very badly here. Sure, I’ll suffer at RB2, but Kelce scored more fantasy points than all but three running backs last year… so I’m going to chalk this up as a major win

Team 10 – 2.03

Team 9 – 2.04

Team 8 – 2.05

Team 7 – 2.06

Team 6 – 2.07

Team 5 – 2.08

Team 4 – 2.09

Team 3 – 2.10

I was higher than anyone last year on CEH here at Loaded Box and did it come back to bite me. He ended up finishing as a low-end RB2 last season when I was touting and drafting him in the first round. To land him here at the end of the second though is great value. Last year he split time with other running backs and wasn’t used much at the goal line. This year, he gets a full offseason and a great chance to rebound. Getting him at the end of the second for a potential RB1 season is phenomenal when you play with Patrick Mahomes and company

Team 2 – 2.11

Team 1 – 2.12

A bit torn here between Harris and J.K. Dobbins, but Harris ultimately gets the nod for a couple of different reasons. First, I think Gus Edwards will eat away at some of Dobbins’ fantasy points whereas I don’t see a clear No. 2 option in Pittsburgh. Also, Harris intrigues me as a pass catcher out of the backfield so I like his upside despite playing behind a questionable offensive line his rookie season

Round 3

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