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Round 3

Team 1 – 3.01

Once I knew I had the first pick my goal (if the board was kind to me) was to go RB/RB/TE. Mission accomplished as Waller was my target at 3.01 as I currently have him ranked as my TE2 behind Kelce. He’ll continue to be the Raiders most-relied upon offensive weapon and will give me a positional advantage nearly every week. I’ve historically waited to select a tight end, but I’m going all-in on Waller this season

Team 2 – 3.02

Team 3 – 3.03

Being the resident Lions fan, I am just as high as anyone when it come to Swift. The Lions have T.J. Hockenson as their main target hog as this team has a whole new identity with Jared Goff now at QB. The Lions should be playing catch-up a lot this season, but having a top-10 offensive line to run behind should bode well for Swift. When they’re trailing, Goff is going to treat Swift like he did Gurley back in his prime – tons of dumpoffs. In a .5PPR league as my “flex” player, you can’t go wrong with Swift who should see at least 100 targets in this offense

Team 4 – 3.04

Team 5 – 3.05

Team 6 – 3.06

Team 7 – 3.07

Team 8 – 3.08

Team 9 – 3.09

Team 10 – 3.10

Team 11 – 3.11

If you have ever seen a single one of my tweets or read any of my articles or have seen/heard any podcast I’ve been in… it shouldn’t be a secret that I think A-Rob is one of the best receivers in the entire league. He’s as consistent as they come and comes with week-winning upside every single week. I have absolutely no problem with rolling with him as my WR1 this year and will likely be doing that in plenty of redrafts (as I am typically a person that goes running back heavy to start)

Team 12 – 3.12

Round 4

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