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Round 8

Team 12 – 8.01

Team 11 – 8.02

So very slept on. Anderson finished last season as the 19th-best receiver for fantasy (and was even a WR1 through the first 10 weeks). He’s playing for a contract this year, which means we’ll see the ramped up intensity. He’s also got a better quarterback option throwing to him this year (I said it, I’m happy that Sam Darnold is a Panther!) and has a handful of years of experience with Darnold. Not only that, but head coach Matt Rhule personally wanted to bring Anderson to Carolina, and given the workload he received last year, it’s safe to assume that Anderson will have plenty more plays drawn up for him in 2021

Team 10 – 8.03

Team 9 – 8.04

Team 8 – 8.05

Team 7 – 8.06

Team 6 – 8.07

Team 5 – 8.08

Team 4 – 8.09

Team 3 – 8.10

Chris Godwin in the 3rd, Mike Evans in the 4th and I get Brown at the end of the 8th? As the season progressed in 2020, Brown got better every week after being out for over a season. He was Tom Brady’s favorite target at the end of the season and I see him being his top target this season. Brady gets what he wants and Antonio Brown is the valued Buccaneer you want to have on your team

Team 2 – 8.11

Team 1 – 8.12

The selection of Carter means that three of my top-four RB’s are rookies, and while I wouldn’t typically recommend this strategy when it comes to fantasy, I feel decent about it in this situation since we typically see a few rookie running backs thrive already in year one in fantasy, plus, I believe Harris, Williams and Carter all have a pretty solid shot at leading their respective backfields in touches already in ’21. I likely won’t have to rely on Carter as a weekly starter, so taking a chance on him with the last pick in the eighth round is worth the risk in case he ends up being one of those rookies that pops

Round 9

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