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Round 9

Team 1 – 9.01

When you select Landry onto your fantasy team you’re not picking the sexy name that’ll provide you with boom weeks, but rather you’re selecting a steady wide receiver that should have no issue providing you with a consistent score on the weeks that you need to use him. He had a bit of a down year last year, finishing as the WR33, but was the WR12 and WR18 in his two previous seasons in Cleveland. Even a repeat finish of last year would mean that you’re getting pretty solid return on your investment in the ninth round

Team 2 – 9.02

Team 3 – 9.03

Upside, upside, upside. This whole offense screams it and to get the WR3 for the Cowboys just screams sex. If Dak Prescott would have stayed healthy last season, Gallup would have finished with WR2 numbers because this passing offense was lit due to the defense being hot garbage. A nice depth piece to add to the bench, and a fill-in WR on bye weeks

Team 4 – 9.04

Team 5 – 9.05

Team 6 – 9.06

Team 7 – 9.07

Team 8 – 9.08

Team 9 – 9.09

Team 10 – 9.10

Team 11 – 9.11

I’m not a big fan of Kenyan Drake, but I’m also not a big fan of Josh Jacobs. With how things are going with the Raiders, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kenyan Drake get at least 20-30% of the rushing attempts with the added bonus of being their 3rd-down guy. It’s definitely an upside pick, but in round nine, that’s really all we’re going for anyway

Team 12 – 9.12

Round 10

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