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Round 7

Team 1 – 7.01

When it comes to Samuel, the first thing we need to do is throw out last season. He appeared in just seven games, and even in those seven games you could see that he wasn’t at 100% and able to be as dynamic as he was his rookie year in San Francisco. At this point in the draft I’m looking for guys I can feel confident with plugging into my flex spot nearly on a weekly basis, and a healthy Samuel meets that requirement. He finished as a high-end WR3 back in 2019, so a healthy season, and possibly an upgrade at the quarterback position, could very well lead to this type of production again in ’21

Team 2 – 7.02

Team 3 – 7.03

Outside of the bots in this draft, I am the first one to take a QB. I have Wilson as my QB7 and after that, I don’t feel so comfortable at the QB position. Last year was a tale of two halfs: the Let Russ Cook first half, then the WTF happened to this offense second half. The offense would get out to a nice start in the first half but failed to make any adjustments and became to predictable in the second half. Now enters Shane Waldron and what looks to be a 12 personnel offense, similar to what McVay and the Rams run. I like it! Plus with Russ getting to put in more of his opinion in this offense, maybe Russ cooks all season long

Team 4 – 7.04

Team 5 – 7.05

Team 6 – 7.06

Team 7 – 7.07

Team 8 – 7.08

Team 9 – 7.09

Team 10 – 7.10

Team 11 – 7.11

Rodgers is a weekly safe play as a top-10 quarterback and has the talent to be top three any given week. To be honest, I took him a lot earlier than I’d normally take a quarterback, but I just wanted to take him so that DJ couldn’t

Team 12 – 7.12

Round 8

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