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Round 6

Team 12 – 6.01

Team 11 – 6.02

Higgins is so underrated that it hurts. Think about it: Ja’Marr Chase will likely be taking the CB1 most weeks, Higgins is a potential touchdown monster, and he’s not going until the 6th round, despite finishing as the overall WR28 (high-end WR3) as a rookie (with half of a season being with a backup quarterback, and the other half being with a rookie behind a terrible line). Higgins is supremely talented and deserves a lot more fantasy respect than he’s getting

Team 10 – 6.03

Team 9 – 6.04

Team 8 – 6.05

Team 7 – 6.06

Team 6 – 6.07

Team 5 – 6.08

Team 4 – 6.09

Team 3 – 6.10

No other person was higher on Jeudy last season than our very own Ben Morgan, and I knew if I would take him here, it would piss him off…. and it did! Last season Jeudy was someone we as fantasy owners was hoping to join Lamb in having a good rookie season. As Ben would say, “his hands were on backwards” but he led the league in total air yards, even though they were dropped. This year I see a breakout coming. Most would take him as their WR3, and I see nothing wrong with that. I see him getting it together this season as we are already hearing he’s “hard to cover” and a breakout is on the brink where you will be taking him in the second round next season

Team 2 – 6.11

Team 1 – 6.12

I was a big fan of Williams heading into the 2021 NFL Draft, and I remain a big fan of his heading into this year’s fantasy season after the Broncos moved up into the second round to draft him. Yes, Melvin Gordon is still in the picture, but he’s battled some injuries the last few seasons and the Broncos didn’t trade up for a running back to let him sit for long. I see both Gordon and Williams being fantasy relevant this season, but I prefer the upside that Williams provides compared to Gordon at this point in his career

Round 7

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