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Round 5

Team 1 – 5.01

I mentioned wanting Kupp in this draft slot, however, I’m pretty satisfied with Lockett as well. He wasn’t the most consistent wide receiver last year, but still managed to finish as the WR11 as he’s now put together three straight seasons as a top-16 fantasy receiver. I’m taking another team’s WR2 as a guy that’ll be starting for me on a weekly basis, but starting off RB/RB/TE and still landing Lockett as my second wide receiver feels like a win to me

Team 2 – 5.02

Team 3 – 5.03

I’m sure you’ve heard this called the “running back dead zone” but let me tell you this: IT’S NOT! Last year you were drafting Bell, Gurley and Ingram in this area as your running backs. Where are they now? Old, and out on the streets or 3rd string on a team you don’t want to be on. Here with Gaskin you are getting a young, 3-down back on an up-and-coming offense behind the leadership of Tua Tagovailoa and a totally new offense that should explode this year. Malcolm Brown will probably come in as a 3rd-down, short-yardage option, but it’s Gaskin who should be the bell-cow on this offense and I’m happy to have him as my RB4 (2nd flex)

Team 4 – 5.04

Team 5 – 5.05

Team 6 – 5.06

Team 7 – 5.07

Team 8 – 5.08

Team 9 – 5.09

Team 10 – 5.10

Team 11 – 5.11

Edmonds was a back-end RB2 last year, which ain’t too bad when you factor in the weird obsession with Kenyan Drake that the Cardinals had. Edmonds was more efficient, both through the air and on the ground, has the confidence of the coaching staff heading into 2021, and his only competition is James Conner (who is very often injured these days). Drafting him at the end of the 5th round is getting him at his floor. I know that if he’s healthy, he’s at least a top-24 option at the position, which, with how I’ve drafted so far, is all I could hope for. However, the upside to finish as a top-15 running back is definitely there given that he should see an increased role on a VERY good offense

Team 12 – 5.12

Round 6

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