Alright…. So here’s there deal. I missed posting the Loaded Box crew’s picks for week 2. Hear me out before you judge me. I have a legitimate excuse.

I went golfing all day Saturday and I was getting after it. Then come Sunday I was so hungover that I barely made it down to the couch before noon football hit and I didn’t eat food until seven o’clock

I promise this will not happen again. I will not let my fellow gamblers down. I feel especially bad because my picks went 4-0. But not terribly bad because you could have watched my live twitter broadcast “Friday Night Lines” and got these picks. I will make up for it by personally going 5-0 Sunday. Onto the picks.

Mikey Ostrowski (@FF_Mikey10)
Raiders (+6) @ Patriots
Bills (-2) vs Rams
Bears vs Falcons OVER (47)

Ryan Miner (@RyanMiner_FFB)
Rams (+2) @ Bills
Football Team (+7) @ Browns
Ravens vs Chiefs (UNDER 54.5)

DJ Premo (@LoadedBoxDJ)
Rams (+2) @ Bills
Texans ML (+165) @ Steelers
Titans (-2.5) @ Vikings
Bengals (+5.5) @ Eagles
Packers (+3) @ New Orleans

Ben Morgan (@LoadedBox_Ben)
Bills (-2) vs Rams
Texans vs Steelers OVER (45)
Bengals vs Eagles OVER (46.5)
Buccaneers vs Broncos OVER (43.5)
Cowboys (+5) @ Seahawks

If you go through a drought, remember these three words… Gamble Through It. Happy Winning!

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