Labor Day Weekend means it’s time for our annual NFL season predictions.  Below you’ll see both Ben & DJ’s team records, playoff matchups, Super Bowl winners, MVP selections and picks for both Offensive and Defensive Rookie of the Year.

In the AFC, Ben has the New England Patriots earning the top seed in the playoffs with a 13-3 record.  The remaining teams to make the playoffs in the AFC for Ben are the Jaguars (2), Chargers (3), Steelers (4), Broncos (5) and Titans (6).

For the NFC, Ben has the Los Angeles Rams as the top seed with a 13-3 record while the Vikings (2), Falcons (3), Eagles (4), Packers (5) and Saints (6) round out the playoffs.

DJ has Jacksonville earning the top spot in the AFC playoffs with the Patriots (2), Chargers  (3), Steelers (4), Texans (5) and Colts (6) also earning playoff positions.

In the NFC, DJ has the Packers as the top seed with the Rams (2), Saints (3), Eagles (4), Falcons (5) and Panthers (6) rounding out the playoffs.

Both DJ & Ben had the Chargers representing the AFC in the Super Bowl while Ben has them facing the Vikings as DJ predicts a Chargers vs. Saints Super Bowl.  DJ has the Chargers as Super Bowl champs while Ben is predicting the Vikings to win.

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Ben’s Predictions

DJ’s Predictions