Day 1 of the draft has come and gone.  It may be one of the most unpredictable drafts ever seen.  I did a mock draft and I got three correct in the top ten and then a fourth correct with Michel going to the Pats.  This is why we all love the draft.  It’s so unpredictable and it all started with the first pick.

So let’s begin with the number overall pick, Baker Mayfield. There were rumors flying around for weeks on who was going to the Browns.  They did a great job of keeping it under wraps, but that’s the only thing they did right with this pick.

There are a lot of Baker truthers out there and that’s fine.  I am not one of them.  I think this will go down as one of the worst picks the Browns have ever made and there have been a lot of them.  There are just too many things wrong with Baker.

He holds on to the ball WAAYYY to long. Then after he has held onto the ball for too long he has the tendency to not set his feet and get square on throws and use all arm.  That’s all fine in the Big 12 with sieve defenses and an incredible scheme. The windows he had to throw into are bigger than any other QB had in these top five QB’s.  When he finally gets his chance to play in the NFL, if he continues to play the same way he did in college, you are going to see a lot of sacks and a lot of turnovers.  I will not be argued off of this point, so quit rolling your eyes and commenting in the comments section.  I am not reading it anyway.

At the second pick the Giants take Saquon Barkley.  I am not going to spend a lot of time on this.  Saquon is a game/franchise changer.  Odell Beckham and Saquon are going to put up huge fantasy numbers as long as they both are healthy but the Giants will continue to lose as long as their QB keeps making that stupid fucken face. Draft a QB on day 2 and prepare him to take over the talent the Giants have put around him.

At number three, the Jets were smashing themselves in the balls when Sam Darnold fell into their laps. Darnold was probably confused when he landed thinking that the Jets may have stole his Grandpa’s name “Dick Hammer.”

Great pick for the Jets but I think we can all agree we feel terrible for Darnold having to play for the Jets.  This is a team that just isn’t going to be good for a while unless Darnold turns out to be an elite QB, which he very well could.  Darnold should get his opportunity to play this year and we should all be excited to see what he brings to the table.

Broncos had a trade planned with the Bills, depending on who was available at number 5.  Once they saw Chubb coming they decided to pull out.  Of the trade.  I really liked this move as it looks like the Broncos are trying to get back to that scary duo of rushers to carry them back to the playoffs.  Pass rusher is the second most important position in the NFL and you can not have too many.

Since the Bills didn’t get to move up to number five they decided to find another suiter.  They did exactly that at number seven.  Of course they were moving up for Josh Rosen.. Right? RIGHT!?  NOPE!  The Bills make possibly the worst decision they could have made in this position and move up to get Josh Allen.

I mustn’t forget that Josh Allen is tall, has a big arm, big hands and looks great in shorts.  How could the Bills resist?  Clearly they couldn’t and picked, hands down, the worst of the top five QB’s. Was this the worst pick of the first round?  Sadly, I do not think so. We will talk about that later on.

At number ten, at my co-host Ben Morgan’s dismay, the Cardinals trade up right in front of the Dolphins to grab, “The Rosen One,” Josh Rosen.  Rosen was my number one QB going into this draft and, in my opinion, the best pick in the first round.

Rosen is the most NFL ready of all the QB’s in this draft.  He has beautiful pocket presence and has the ability to progress through different reads to find the open guy.  He never panics and has a swag about him that reminds me of Aaron Rodgers.  The fact that Rodgers and Rosen are really close probably makes me bias but I don’t care.  Sam Bradford just got injured crossing the street and now Rosen is here to take over.

The only reason I am going to talk about the Dolphins is because of the aforementioned co-host, Ben Morgan.  Although they were disappointed that they didn’t get Rosen, they can’t hate the pick they made.  Minkah Fitzpatrick could be argued as the most talented and versatile defensive player in the draft.  If the Dolphins are smart, (they aren’t), they will moved him around all over the field so defenses never know where he is going to be.

At number 14 the Packers traded down, temporarily, to number 27 with the New Orleans Saints.  To be honest, I don’t understand the pick of Marcus Davenport here.  He is a raw talent who could have a really tough time developing into an effective pass rusher.  Clearly the Saints saw something they like that I don’t see.

Bills, being aggressive this year, move back up into the first round and grab Tremaine Edmunds at number 15.  This pick is a lot better than the Josh Allen pick.  Tremaine Edmunds is a freak athlete who can fly around the field.  He can play the run and cover.  This seems like a great fit for both Edmunds and the Bills.

New Packers GM, Brian Gutekunst, made a fantastic move by moving back up to 18, while adding a 1st round pick for 2019 in their previous trade with the Saints.  They got their guy in Jaire Alexander at Louisville.  As a Packers fan, I love the move.  Not because of who they got but because they added depth in the secondary, a place they desperately needed it. On top of that they got the guy they were eyeing with the 14th pick.  Incredible move.

I am getting tired and the second round of the draft is on so the rest of this article is going to be quick hits:

  • Panthers add a guy who can lineup opposite of Funchess as #1 WR and give Cam another weapon.  Panther fans should be happy.
  • Ridley gets taken at 26 to the Falcons.  Can Matt Ryan ruin another talented Alabama WR?
  • Seahawks Draft Penny.  Penny to the Seahawks doesn’t make any cents.  There were 5 other running backs they should have taken.  Worst pick of 1st round. Seahawks win 6 games this year.
  • Jags add Taven Bryan and I am left not understanding why the didn’t grab a WR. People forget Bortles had no real talent at WR and is their missing piece.
  • Michel to Pats is amazing.  Everyone devaluing his fantasy worth and I disagree.
  • Belichick doesn’t value running backs at all so he would not take one he doesn’t absolutely love.  Draft Michel in fantasy this year.
  • Ravens make the move to the last pick of the 1st round to get Lamar Jackson. Not sure what this means for both Flacco and RG3 but should be a fun story to watch unfold this year.


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