Hopefully you celebrate accordingly during the NFL Draft and took off work Friday, but even if you didn’t, go ahead and play along because you know you’re not going to be productive the final day before the weekend starts anyways.

The rules are simple – sometimes you’ll drink once, sometimes twice, sometimes you’ll finish your drink, and on the rare occurrences you’ll have to break out the bottle.  If all goes well you should be buzzed by the Raiders pick at No. 10, pretty drunk by the Lions pick at No. 20, and Aldon Smith-level intoxicated if you don’t pass out prior to the Eagles pick at No. 32 (depending on your tolerance level, of course).

So go ahead and print this off – actually make several copies because you’ll likely spill on a few – and see how many picks you can make it through as we drunkenly navigate our way through the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft.

Take one drink every time the following happens:

– Someone is selected
– An interviewed player says that he’s blessed
– The phrase “character concerns” is said.  Take two drinks if said player is Baker Mayfield
– The name Jon Gruden or Coach Gruden is said
– Saquon Barkley is referred to as the best player in this draft class
– An offensive lineman’s 40-yard dash time is referenced
– Adam Schefter is referred to as “Schefty”

Take two drinks every time the following happens:

– The phrase “plug and play” is said
– An analyst comments on hand size
– A prospects hot wife/girlfriend is shown
– The name Johnny Manziel is said during the Cleveland Browns selection
– Vita Vea is compared to another Polynesian player
– A white player is labeled an effort guy
– You see Adam Schefter on/looking at his phone

Finish your drink every time the following happens:

– A trade occurs
– Josh Allen is selected.  So you can join those who are fans of the team who makes this mistake
– Quenton Nelson is selected in the top 10
– If Bradley Chubb isn’t the first defensive player off the board
– The phrase “John Elway got his quarterback” is said
– A tight end is selected
– The Colts pick.  Because you know Jim Irsay is doing the same thing
– They show the list of every quarterback to play for the Cleveland Browns since Tim Couch

Break out your favorite hard liquor and take a shot every time the following happens:

– Your favorite team makes a selection
– Roger Goodell pronounces a player’s name incorrectly
– The Jets select anyone besides Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen or Baker Mayfield at No. 3
– Any analyst mentions the fact Sam Darnold’s grandpa’s name is Dick Hammer
– Video surfaces of a player taking a bong hit
– A disagreement between Mel Kiper and Todd McShay that results in Kiper violently shaking his head without his hair moving
– If Lamar Jackson isn’t selected in the first round (your night cap)

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