If you’re reading this it’s likely that you’ve made a pretty standard routine of your Sundays during the NFL season.

You wake up, brush the smell of booze off your breath, make last-minute adjustments to your fantasy lineup, fix up some food for the day and proceed to sit in front of the TV for the next 10-11 hours.

However, the Sunday in between AFC/NFC Championship Weekend and the Super Bowl is going to leave you with more free time than you’re currently used to, and in case you forgot how you survived last year, go ahead and try out one of these ideas.

1. Bedroom Olympics

What better way to spend your day without football than partaking in a marathon of love making with your lady?  Instead of planning an entire day of doing actual activities with your girl where things can go wrong, keep her off your back by jumping on hers.  Thank me later.

2. Weekend Road Trip

Score some brownie points by visiting the in-laws.  Or be selfish and take a trip somewhere warm.  Either way, give your football-watching couch a rest and give that pasty skin some much-needed Vitamin D.

3. Watch the Pro Bowl – Keep Reading

Most people will say that they hate the Pro Bowl, but if you bet on it or turn it into a drinking game, it may just turn into your favorite game of the season – or potentially one you don’t remember.  I’m sure you can Google search different drinking games for watching football, but if you’re lazy and don’t want to do that, just drink every time Sean McDonough’s voice cracks.

4. Watch the Senior Bowl

Yes, it’s a meaningless game.  But this is another opportunity for those who can’t get enough football to scratch that itch one more time before the season ends.  And who knows, maybe Baker Mayfield’s opponents will upset him and we can get round two of the famous crotch grab.

5. Learn how to play the guitar

Now it may take you more than one Sunday to master this craft, but if you’re a single guy, grab yourself a guitar and learn how to stroke that puppy.  There’s nothing women love more than a guy who can create the sound of music with his fingers.  Trust me, I think this is what held me back from being a real womanizer in high school and college.

There you have it, guys.  Have fun, be safe if you go with option No. 1, and best of luck if your squad made it to Super Bowl Sunday.

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