The 2018 NFL draft is going to be a very interesting one. It is a class loaded with solid players all over the field, including the quarterback position. These predictions are my thoughts on how things might play out after the draft. So without further ado these are my three bold predictions for the upcoming NFL draft.

Josh Rosen will be better than Sam Darnold and it won’t be close: Josh Rosen is going to the Giants. It doesn’t matter what happens before the draft. He has already politely told the Browns to go fuck themselves and they, without protest, have done exactly that. New York is the perfect place for Rosen too. Big city, spotlight on him, and he’ll be surrounded by receiving threats. OBJ, Brandon Marshall, Shepard, and Evan Engram (I’m getting a fantasy football chub just thinking about it). His success does largely depend on who the Giants bring in as their new coach. I personally think they will follow the path of the Niners and Rams and go with a young offensive guru. That is the perfect recipe for Rosen to thrive in the Big Apple. Darnold on the other hand is going to be in trouble next year. He’s going to be taken by a team in need of a starter right away and I just don’t think that he is ready to be an NFL quarterback right now. He’ll either be going to the Browns, Jets, or Broncos. All of those teams need a guy that can step in and win them games right away. There is a definite learning curve in the NFL and Sam Darnold is going to need some time to figure things out. I don’t think these teams are willing to be patient with him and that is going to make for a very tough first season. I also think Rosen has WAY more confidence than Darnold and confidence is key when you’re supposed to lead a team full of guys older than you to wins. Both Rosen and Darnold are going to be expected to win right away and only one of them will be able to do it.

Saquon Barkley will be a Hall of Famer: I will go to war with you on this one. I’m all in on Saquon. The guy has jaw-dropping talent. It doesn’t even matter who he’s playing for. He’s going to tear it up for at least eight years (barring any serious injuries of course). He’s an every down back that has hands better than most receivers. He will run through you, around you, or even over you. He’ll be the main back wherever he goes and they’ll be out of their minds if they don’t get the ball in his hands at least 20 times a game. I can’t wait to see him show the world how much of a monster he truly is. In a year or two he’ll be in the conversations with Gurley, Le’veon, David Johnson, and Zeke. Dude is that good. I heard the people in Canton already have the measurements for his gold jacket.

Baker Mayfield will start at QB for the Browns next season: I know what you’re thinking, but hear me out. The top two quarterback prospects in this draft are Josh Rosen and Sam Darnold. It’s been that way since before this college football season even started and any team that needs a quarterback and doesn’t take one of those two would have to absolutely bonkers… Enter the Cleveland “how could we possibly fuck this up” Browns. Now I love me some Baker Mayfield. He has an absolute cannon for an arm and  I don’t think that there’s a person on this planet that loves football more than that guy. I really want him to have a great pro career (ideally for me he goes to the Chargers and Rivers can mentor him for a few years). But Baker Mayfield in the coming weeks is going to have the national spotlight on him. If (and that’s a big if) he manages to lead the Sooners to a National Championship win, and show how much he’s matured since busting his nut all over the beaks of the Kansas Jayhawks, then he will be the most talked about player entering the draft. Now let’s think for a second. What organization is known for buying into hype? What team is absolutely notorious for making irrational decisions? The same organization that pulled the trigger on ol’ Johnny Football and decided to take on Brock Osweiler’s contract for no reason at all. There are already whispers that the new Browns GM has his eyes on Baker, and if Baker shows that he can win on the big stage then those whispers will turn to shouts. Baker has already moved up from a projected 3rd or 4th round guy to a no doubt 1st rounder throughout the season. I think he has the talent to be a great NFL quarterback right away, but in the NFL you are a product of the environment you are put into (look at Dak), and Cleveland is where QBs go to die. I hope this prediction is wrong, but I’m afraid in the weeks leading up to the draft “Baker Mayfield to Cleveland” will be spoken into existence.