Fantasy Football Preview: New York Giants

To say the New York Giants underperformed in 2017 would be too kind. A season that started with high hopes ended up being an incredibly ugly and forgettable one, for both Giants' fans and fantasy owners, marred by injuries and controversy. Big Blue finished the year 3-13 and, outside of those with Evan Engram, fantasy owners were left disappointed

Have Faith, Cleveland

For the first time in a long time the Cleveland Browns may have some hope going into a new season. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy considering their history and the fact that they just finished 0-16, but good times are on the horizon for the dog pound...And, literally speaking, they have nowhere to go but... Continue Reading →

2017 Fantasy Rooks: Everyone Else

The 2017 NFL rookie class might have been the best ever when it comes to fantasy football. Since the Running backs this year were so good, they got part one. Now, here's part two of the highly anticipated series on the notable fantasy rookies of 2017, and a look ahead to 2018. Once again, all fantasy... Continue Reading →

The Case Against Jeff Fisher

A few weeks ago, Jeff Fisher said that he left the then 10-4 Los Angeles Rams in good shape, and thought that he deserved another chance at coaching. This tells me one thing: Not only is Jeff Fisher a terrible head coach, he’s also clinically insane. Fisher left the Los Angeles Rams an absolute dumpster... Continue Reading →

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