“I’m baaaaaccccckkkkkkk” – Ben Morgan (me)

Cam Newton isn’t the only one that’s back. That’s right, after taking last week off I’m back with my dynasty trade targets heading into Week 11 as I successfully survived last week’s all-inclusive trip to Cancun.

The country of Mexico is definitely a bit lighter on booze than it was prior to my arrival, but I’ve had a few days now to recover and soak in all of Week 10’s action, so I’m fairly clear headed and ready to give you a few new trade targets to ponder.


Tyler Lockett, WR, Seattle Seahawks

This trade-target recommendation is strictly for teams that are in win-now mode and are looking bolster their squad leading up to an upcoming playoff run. Lockett began the season on fire, posting back-to-back 20+ fantasy point weeks, but has cooled off drastically ever since posting just one double-digit fantasy performance over the course of the last seven weeks. This dip in production can be chalked up to a couple of different things, most notably the absence of Russell Wilson over the last few weeks, but it’s not like Lockett set the world on fire in Wilson’s return last week against Green Bay (2-23-0). The nice thing about adding Lockett at this point of the season is that he’s been fairly cold recently (outside of Week 8 against Jacksonville) and he’s 29 years old. While 29 isn’t super old for a receiver, it’s also a good age to trade a receiver to a contender if the current owner doesn’t have much use for him currently. Once a player turns 30 several dynasty players tend to look the other way and target younger players, so this is likely your league’s current owner’s best chance to maximize his/her return on Lockett. I personally see Lockett’s production going back up once Wilson gets a bit more comfortable over the next week or two, plus Seattle has already had its bye week, so you won’t have to worry about his availability (barring injury).

D’Onta Foreman, RB, Tennessee Titans

“Do I really have to trade for D’Onta Foreman? What year did I get dropped into?” – random fantasy football player. The answer is unfortunately yes, you just may have to sack up and make a deal for this career journeyman. If he’s currently on your waiver wire, great, go ahead and throw some FAAB money at him. However, if he’s currently rostered and you’re a bit light at the running back position (maybe you lost Derrick Henry?), it may be in your best interest to float a late-round ’22 or ’23 pick at your league’s Foreman owner and see if it’ll work. There’s really no long-term value in Foreman at this point in his career, so I’d imagine your league’s current owner is looking to move him if he/she isn’t in contention to compete this year, but we know the Titans are going to continue to try to find production from the running back position, and Foreman looks to be part of that mix. Do not overpay. I can’t stress that enough. But running backs that see consistent carries on a weekly basis are hard to come by at this point in the season, so Foreman may be your last chance at (sort of) replacing a player you may have recently lost due to injury (Henry, Kareem Hunt, Chase Edmonds, etc).

Miles Sanders, RB, Philadelphia Eagles

Have the Eagles finally realized how to utilize players at the running back position since Sanders has been out? That’s what I’m banking on with this trade target recommendation as Sanders is now eligible to return from IR heading into Week 11. Sanders failed to reach double-digit fantasy points weeks two through six (after tallying 15.3 half PPR points Week 1) and he got hurt early in Week 7. Since Sanders has been sidelined the Eagles have found success both on the ground and through the air at the running back position with a mix of Boston Scott, Jordan Howard and Kenneth Gainwell. I don’t personally believe that these three players are simply better than Sanders and that’s why the Eagles have found fantasy production via the running back position, but rather I believe they’ve simply learned from some early-season mistakes and have created a bit of an identity on the offensive side of the ball. I expect Sanders to jump into this mix and regain the role of lead back sooner rather than later, and if it doesn’t work out that way for the remainder of this year, well at least you still have a promising 24-year-old running back.

I’m a little light this week on players to nominate for this article, but that’s due in large part to the fact that I attempt to keep this article as realistic as possible regarding players that may actually be available. So by all means, go out and try to land young studs like Christian McCaffrey, Justin Jefferson and Ja’Marr Chase, but in my opinion those type of players don’t really need to be mentioned on a weekly basis. Cheers and best of luck this week!

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