We’re a quarter(ish) of the way through the 2021 NFL season so there’s likely a good chance you know how you’re stacking up against the rest of the competition in your dynasty leagues.

There may be a few situations where there’s still a bit of unknown surrounding your squad – specifically if you were forced to battle through early-season injuries and you’re about to get a bit healthier – but we’re now to the point where we’ll have a better idea as to who the buyers and sellers may end up being in your league.

While I tend to give a bit of a mix of players to target in a trade whether you’re in win-now mode or if I believe there’s a young player that you should attempt to buy-low on, this particular week the majority of my trade targets more so fit into the category of “win now” options.

With that being said, here’s this week’s targets.

James Robinson, RB, Jacksonville Jaguars

I’m probably a week late on this one since Robinson has now put together back-to-back 20+ fantasy point weeks, but I think it’s finally sunk into Coach Lap Dance (Urb) that he’s going to have to run the ball on a consistent basis in order to find success in the NFL with a rookie quarterback. If your league’s current Robinson owner is in line to contend this trade recommendation likely doesn’t pertain to you, but if they find themselves in the opposite situation you may be able to buy Robinson now as the owner may see it as a bit of a sell-high opportunity. I’m considering this a bit of a sell-high opportunity due to his recent success and since Robinson’s long-term outlook is a bit clouded with Travis Etienne returning to the picture next season. Running backs are difficult to land in dynasty trades, but Robinson’s situation lends itself nicely to at least give you a semi-realistic opportunity to try.

Chase Edmonds, RB, Arizona Cardinals

Similar to Robinson, Edmonds isn’t going to be an easy asset to acquire, but sharing the backfield with James Conner (who just put together a two-touchdown performance last week) may provide you a window of opportunity. Edmonds hasn’t had a “boom” week so far in 2021, and while he may not since there are so many mouths to feed in Arizona, he’s proven to be a very consistent fantasy asset recording at least 13 touches and 10 fantasy points (half PPR) in all four games this season. While having so many mouths to feed limits a player’s ceiling, it’s still nice to have a slice of the pie in these high-scoring offense and that’s what Edmonds provides. He’s got a couple of tough matchups the next two weeks (49ers & Browns), so maybe it’s best to put out a feeler offer right now and then wait to see if he underperforms a bit in those two contests before revisiting the idea in an attempt to get a better deal. But it doesn’t hurt to test the waters now with a bit of a “low-ball” offer to let the current owner know that you have interest and intentions.

Allen Robinson, WR, Chicago Bears

It can’t get much worse this season for Robinson, right? He’s currently the WR80 after failing to reach double-digit fantasy points in any game this season (half PPR). To put his season in perspective, he has 13 receptions, 149 yards and one touchdown this season while Tyreek Hill essentially posted a better stat line in Week 4 alone (11-186-3). The weird game Matt Nagy is playing with the quarterback position is less than desirable for Robinson owners, but there’s a chance you can use that as leverage in your trade negotiations. Before the season started I would have recommended going all-in on a trade for Robinson after back-to-back, top-10 PPR finishes in ’19 & ’20, and while I’m still obviously recommending targeting him in a potential trade, I’d be a bit more cautious with my offer.

Antonio Brown, WR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

At 33 years old Brown is definitely the most win-now option in this week’s article. He’s missed a game and has a one-catch performance out of four opportunities so far this season, but Brown is another one of those players where you simply want to buy into a piece of an explosive offense. We all know Brown and Tom Brady have a weird and fairly unexplainable relationship, but there’s definitely a comfort level between the two and we saw it last Sunday night as Brady targeted Brown 11 times. Since he’s gone the last three weeks without reaching double-digit fantasy points (half PPR), this may be your window to buy a piece of one of the league’s best offenses. Mike Evans and Chris Godwin would be the ideal pieces to buy, but those guys are going to cost quite a bit more than Brown will at this point in his career.

Robby Anderson, WR, Carolina Panthers

I can’t be the only one waiting for Anderson to breakout. D.J. Moore’s breakout came in Week 4 (8-113-2) and I think it’s just a matter of time before it’s Anderson’s turn. Moore is undoubtedly the team’s WR1 as you can basically pencil him in for a dozen targets and eight receptions each week, but the league is now on notice and opposing defenses are going to have to throw more coverage his way in an attempt to limit the team’s best weapon on the outside. Anderson saw a season-high 11 targets last week but managed to turn them into just five receptions for 46 yards. However, I’ll take the bump in targets as a sign of positive things to come and attempt to land Anderson now before we see a price increase.

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