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Round 13

Team 1 – 13.01

I closed this mock with another quarterback since as I mentioned before I’m not super high on Matt Ryan as my year-long starting QB. Also, I do believe Tua will be fantasy relevant in 2021, as the added speed via Will Fuller and Jaylen Waddle will help open up the offense, so I definitely recommend taking a chance on him late in your draft if you decide to roster two QB’s. Reports out of camp indicate that the Dolphins’ offensive line has been below average so far this offseason, but if the team can remedy this issue there’s no reason to believe that the offense won’t be much more dynamic this season compared to last

Team 2 – 13.02

Team 3 – 13.03

When I draft tight ends late, I like to take two that possess upside potential. Last season, the Browns spent a lot of money to sign Hooper away from the Falcons. Also last season, Baker Mayfield threw the 2nd-highest percentage of passes to the tight end position. Year two with a true offseason and pairing him with Irv Smith here at the end of the draft is a perfect combination to go into Week 1

Team 4 – 13.04

Team 5 – 13.05

Team 6 – 13.06

Team 7 – 13.07

Team 8 – 13.08

Team 9 – 13.09

Team 10 – 13.10

Team 11 – 13.11

This was the last pick in our draft so I just went for the remaining player with the most upside on the best offense with the best opportunity to see touches. Sanders is exactly that

Team 12 – 13.12

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