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Round 11

Team 1 – 11.01

I’m not thrilled with the idea of rolling into the season with Ryan as my fantasy team’s starting quarterback, but that’s the life you live when you wait this long to select one. I think the biggest debate when selecting from the No. 1 draft slot this year is deciding when you’re going to pull the trigger on QB. I considered taking Lamar Jackson at 5.01, but once I passed on QB there I knew I was going to be one of the last team’s to grab a QB and it was likely going to be of the Ryan, Baker Mayfield, Kirk Cousins caliber

Team 2 – 11.02

Team 3 – 11.03

He has the talent, he has the skills…. it’s just his quarterback could hold him back from being a true WR1. I see WR2/3 weeks coming for him, but for a wide receiver that I see getting 4-5 receptions a game, he will need those long “take it to the house” plays to become truly fantasy relevant. Good depth piece to add to any bench

Team 4 – 11.04

Team 5 – 11.05

Team 6 – 11.06

Team 7 – 11.07

Team 8 – 11.08

Team 9 – 11.09

Team 10 – 11.10

Team 11 – 11.11

It’s all about upside. If Lance hits, with his rushing upside on that San Fran offense, he could be a potential top-10 guy week in and week out. I took Rodgers as my “safe guy” at QB, and now I’m going for it all with Lance. If he hits… this is insane value. If he flops… whatever, I’ve got Rodgers

Team 12 – 11.12

Round 12

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