If Loaded Box Bloggers Had Draft Write-Ups On ESPN This Weekend…

ESPN had a pretty damn successful weekend handling the NFL draft. America needed something to distract them from injecting Clorox into their veins, and the technical team, on air personnel, absolutely hit a home run. There was certainly an area that received a lot of criticism though:

The ESPN/NFLN graphic on Tee Higgins.

I mean what in theeee fuck!? WEST NILE VIRUS FROM 8 YEARS AGO!? I spit out my god damn drink. It was full on tragedy porn. When they couldn’t find tragedy, like in one case with Michael Pittman Jr. who is from a pretty affluent family and didn’t have any negative family issues, ESPN instead fucking DUNKED ON HIM for having a stuttering problem instead!

So it got me to thinking: What would ESPN have said about us here at the Loaded Box Podcast if we were being drafted? Well, wait no longer friends because as an unemployed bum, I have plenty of time to do just that.

Logan Beatty:

Logan Draft Write Up

Ben Morgan:

Ben Morgan Draft

DJ Premo:

DJ PREMO Draft (1)

Ryan Miner:

Ryan Miner Draft

Mikey Ostrowski:

Mikey Draft

Logan Beatty is a blogger for the Loaded Box Podcast. Check out his article archive and find more from the Loaded Box on Twitter & Facebook

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