WHAT???? An Eminem reference? I know… sick, right? What I am trying to say with this header is that this is the time of year when the best players start surpassing the guys who had their time in the spotlight.

Consistency is king in fantasy football and you will see guys like Aaron Rodgers, Ezekiel Elliott, and DeAndre Hopkins show up on a week to week basis.

Whereas your “Hollywood Brown” and names like that will fall into the background. They were exciting, but it’s time for the stars to “shine bright like a diamond.” Aw shit, now a Rihanna reference? She a bad bicc.

There will be many of you who say they hate the beginning of this article. And to that I say; I love the way you lie.

Start ‘Em

QB: Kirk Cousins vs. New York Giants

Kirk Cousins has been batted, beaten and bruised… by his own teammates. There is no better remedy than facing the Giants’ defense and throwing for four touchdowns. Three to Adam Thielen and one to Stefon Diggs.

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QB: Andy Dalton vs. Arizona Cardinals

My two quarterbacks really struggle in prime time. Good news is… neither of these games are in prime time. If you are scowering for a guy on the waiver wire, look no further. This game should be back and forth and Dalton has the ability to recover from a really bad game.

RB: Aaron Jones vs. Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys have been pretty good against the run, but that doesn’t scare me. Aaron Rodgers doesn’t have his best weapon in Davante Adams this week as well as Jamaal Williams being out. That means a heavy dose of Aaron Jones. The offensive line is starting to figure out the schemes in this offense and Jones will start seeing more holes open. I can see multiple touchdowns in this game with 100+ yards.

RB: Sony Michel vs. Washington Redskins

Sony Michel has notably struggled this year. Bill Belichick exploits weaknesses, and the run defense is a weakness for the ‘Skins. You will see a heavy dose of Michel and he will be the guy scoring the touchdowns so that Belichick can show teams around the league the Patriots can run the ball down your throat as well.

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WR: Calvin Ridley vs. Houston Texans

This Falcons vs. Texans game is going to be on redzone channel a lot. It’s time for Matt Ryan to have one of his three good games he’ll have this year. Calvin Ridley went off in his first game and it’s time for him to rekindle that fire. With all the focus on Julio Jones, it’s time for Ridley to show he can be a number one wide receiver.

WR: Adam Thielen vs. New York Giants

Refer to my write up on Kirk Cousins.

TE: Tyler Eifert vs. Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals are the worst defense against tight ends and it’s not even close. Next…

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Defense: Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Jets

The Eagles’ secondary is piss poor but if Sam Darnold doesn’t play and the Jets are stuck with Luke Falk it does not matter. Pick up the Eagles and come fly with me.

Sit ‘Em

QB: Gardner Minshew vs. Carolina Panthers

The Panthers are the best defense in the league against the pass. I love Gardner Minshew, but this is a battle he just will not come out unscathed. The Jaguars have a weak offensive line and a weak set of receivers. Pray for Minshew.

QB: Daniel Jones vs. Minnesota Vikings

Don’t. Do. It.

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RB: Josh Jacobs vs. Chicago Bears

Volume is king in fantasy football, but the Bears’ run defense is going to ruin the Raiders’ offensive line. If you have depth to bench Josh Jacobs then do it. His only upside is possibly getting a goal line touchdown, but I can’t imagine the Raiders getting near the goal line.

RB: Wayne Gallman vs. Minnesota Vikings

I know Wayne Gallman had a huge game last week against the Redskins, but this week he faces a good defense in the Minnesota Vikings and we have seen what every other running back not named Saquon Barkley has done with the Giants. Gallman will put up sub-par numbers. Don’t get caught chasing last week’s performance.

WR: D.J. Chark vs. Carolina Panthers

I hate to do this again, but scroll up and read what I said about Minshew. It’s not the Jaguars week.

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WR: Amari Cooper vs. Green Bay Packers

You are probably starting him and I can’t blame you. But listen up. Amari Cooper is going up against Jaire Alexander who has been the best cornerback in the league according to PFF. Dak Prescott looked really bad against a good pass rush in the Saints last week, and their secondary is one of the worst in the league. Imagine what he is going to do against a great pass rush and a great secondary. Definitely don’t use Cooper in DFS.

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