Ahh, it’s time!

NFL training camps are open and we’ve reached the point in the offseason where we scroll through Twitter and read numerous headlines and news tidbits that lead to both over-analysis and pure enjoyment as we prepare for the upcoming season.

Here’s a recap of some of these examples from Thursday’s camp updates along with my brief reaction to each!

It’s day one. Ryan Fitzpatrick is the veteran and the coaching staff feels that they owe it to Fitzpatrick to give him the nod early in camp. If a QB currently exists on this roster that has any chance of being the future it’s Josh Rosen, so it’s just a matter of time before he’s pulling the majority of first-team reps

Get this man off the field! Find him some hot yoga, or if heat isn’t good for a pulled muscle, find him an ice bath! I’m not paid to be a doctor, but just get this man healthy or my prediction of Calvin Ridley/Julio Jones being the best WR duo in the NFL this season is going to be really strained…

Move along, just a matter of time before Michael Thomas receives a contract that makes him Oprah rich

A case of the rich getting richer? Have we ever been able to say that about the Browns?

You should see Rachel Bush in a bikini

“WR1” – a fantasy nerd that loves video of WR’s not facing actual coverage

Miami must have some killer weed, because I don’t think he’s requesting to stay there for the stellar football

Can Leonard Fournette buy new legs somewhere? What the hell is wrong with this athlete’s body? I put down double-digit beers at men’s league softball each Wednesday and I haven’t had to grab at any muscle (definitely just jinxed myself for next week…)

Our boy DJ (fellow podcast host) doesn’t think Tyreek Hill is a top-20 WR in fantasy football this upcoming season…. haaahahahahaha, what an idiot!

A live look at the Cleveland Browns’ locker room if they get out to an 0-5 start to the season

Le’Veon Bell getting his “coach talk” on. Adam Gase successfully orchestrated one of the least consistent offenses throughout his time in Miami. Oh, and he also was very questionable with his usage of RB’s, so have fun with that, Le’Veon

Alright, I take back all of the things I said about avoiding James Conner in fantasy football this season. It’s confirmed, he popped that football with his biceps

Nick Bosa and Jets’ first-round selection Quinnen Williams both signing today as training camp begins. We’ve seen first-round defensive lineman bust in the past (cough… Dion Jordon) but these two players feel pretty bust-proof and project as impact players for the foreseeable future

It’s only day one, but this was the case for Lamar Jackson all of last year and back to his college days in Louisville. We’ll be saying “we told you so” when the Ravens are selecting another high-round QB in the not-so-distant future

Witnessed this in person at last year’s Packers/Dolphins game (which didn’t go so well for me). I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if fantasy football evolves to the point where dancing earns points, Jamaal Williams is a sure-fire first rounder

Give me one guess as to what the Redskins’ headline is going to be in about a week from now. Hint: it’ll be the exact opposite of the tweet shown above

Eli Rogers clearly missed the latest article about Adrian Peterson

According to podcast co-host DJ, Aaron Rodgers has the tendency to not talk about the players he believes are doing well, but will say nice things about people he believes need the confidence boost. We’ll see how this all plays out with the uncertainty at WR in Green Bay outside of Davante Adams

I don’t care that Andrew Luck is playing by himself right now. Bottom line is that if you are able to surround him with since nice RB’s and WR’s this fantasy football season, he’ll be playing for you in your fantasy championship matchup

Man, I feel bad for Giants fans. And that’s coming from a Dolphins fan

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