Podcast: NFL Week 6 Instant Reactions

Listen to Episode 157: NFL Week 6 Instant Reactions

Ben & DJ provide their instant reactions to all the action from week 6 in the NFL. Bears/Dolphins play in most ridiculous game of the season, Adam Thielen and Case Keenum on opposite ends of some wild stats, and whether or not the Raiders should stay in London. All of this plus fantasy football implications from the week

In this episode you’ll find:

  • Our instant reactions to all the action from week 6 in the NFL
  • Bears/Dolphins play wild OT thriller, and please both Ben & DJ in the process (not that way you sick-minded people)
  • Streaming fantasy football Tight Ends continues to work for DJ
  • The tradition of DJ and his family being mistaken for a race other than American or African American
  • Did the Steelers cheat to beat the Bengals?
  • Why Melvin Gordon will be Ben’s favorite fantasy RB until he hits his 30s
  • Why the Raiders should either stay in London or just blow it up and start over
  • Can we stop showing the games if Nathan Peterman has to enter?
  • Todd Gurley is your 2018 Fantasy Football MVP
  • Plus much more!

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