Friday October 4, 2018
Written by DJ Premo, Loaded Box Podcast Co-Host and Blogger

If you have listened to our Podcast you know I am a die hard Packers fan and expert.  I have a proven track record of making correct predictions when it comes to personnel and performance.  This is not my way of bragging (although I am the cockiest guy you will ever meet) but my way of saying, if you are a Packers fan then take what I say to heart

Before I get into our beloved Green Bay Packers I want to start off with an introduction of myself for those of you who don’t listen to our podcast.  I am co-host of the Loaded Box Podcast and also blog very little.  My goal here is to try and blog about the Packers once a week so you can get a look into how my genius brain thinks and proof of how right I always am.

Trust me I get it… Our offense looked flat against the Bills, we lost on the road to the “R-words” and we lost a game we should have won to the Vikings (albeit because of a terrible roughing the passer call).

This has been a traditional Aaron Rodgers/Packers start to the NFL season.  We start out slow in September due to Aaron Rodgers’ non-existent preseason and McCarthy running his same old boring plays that piss everyone off.  I can not express enough that we just finished the month of September.

You have crafty veterans like Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, and Drew Brees just laughing at this Mahomes hype.  They are bringing their full arsenal four games into the season when these aforementioned veterans have already proven their worth.  They have been through multiple, grueling football seasons.  It’s about getting your coaching staff and team on the same page and rhythm.

Now it’s October and Mike McCarthy’s boss, Aaron Rodgers, has expressed his angst publicly.  This is how it goes every year.  The Green Bay Packers start slow and everybody freaks out because they are worried the offense isn’t as good as it once was.  Rodgers calls out McCarthy in a not so subtle way.  Rodgers goes on to look like an MVP. When it comes to this offense, do not make the mistake of thinking they will not finish as a top five NFL offense this season. Don’t do it. DONT!

I haven’t even gotten to the biggest reason you should be confident.  This secondary is twice as good as we have had since 2010.  You literally can’t be worse than what we had two years ago and we played in the NFC championship game that season.  Now we have a secondary that can cover for more than a tenth of a second and has the ability to make plays on the ball.  You are allowed to get excited about Jaire Alexander, Kevin King and Josh Jackson.  I see that “ehhhh” face you just made.  Hesitant to get over confident and I don’t blame you.  But a change is beginning and it starts with that secondary.

I can already predict what I will be seeing in the comments section. “Well if we don’t have a pass rush it wont matter how good our secondary is.”  “Clay Matthews sucks .” Ok so that second one is a valid complaint.  Matthews does suck.  I am confident that with Mike Daniels and Kenny Clark putting pressure up the middle and the creativity of Mike Pettine we will find a way to get pressure on the QB using guys like Josh Jackson, HaHA Clinton-Dix and Josh Jones (when he gets on the field).

Lastly, there is one guy that makes me feel really good about the fact I think this offense is about to explode.  His name…. Aaron Jones.  This guy is by far the most talented, explosive and versatile running back weapon we have.  Please don’t be a Jamaal Williams truther.  I am not even sure if that’s how you spell his name but I am not going to look him up because that’s how little I care about him.

Aaron Jones was a high school wide receiver who can create matchups and is the best runner by leaps and bounds. He keeps a low center of gravity and has great balance.  He has the ability to find a hole that most backs can’t see and has the burst when he gets into the open field.  Rodgers called for more Aaron Jones and for good reason.  The more he is on the field the better we will be.

In closing, don’t be such a damn pessimist.  I can’t stand hearing every year how the Packers offense looks bad because year after year the same chatter starts and everyone is shut up real quick.  Don’t make that mistake.  Jump on my realist train.  After all… I am always right.

PS… A video to make all if you guys and girls get a little horny about what Rodgers can do.


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