Podcast: NFL Week 3 Instant Reactions

Listen to Episode 151: NFL Week 3 Instant Reactions

We’re back to breakdown the most unpredictable week we’ve seen so far this NFL season with our instant reactions to all of Sunday’s action. What in the hell happened to the NFC North? Did Calvin Ridley solidify this week’s top spot on the fantasy football waiver wire? Plus we’ve put out an official APB for one of our own

In this episode you’ll find:

  • Our instant reactions to all of Sunday’s action
  • Is Calvin Ridley this week’s top fantasy football waiver wire priority?
  • What in the hell did we just witness from the top two in the NFC North?
  • Why you need to look deeper than the box score when considering waiver-wire players
  • Christian McCaffrey gets it done… on the ground!
  • More impressive: Ridley’s breakout performance or Drew Brees’ “aided” spin move TD?
  • We issue an Amber Alert for one of our writers
  • Plus much more!

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