Written by Mikey Ostrowski


Start of the Week: Philip Rivers (LAC)

Rivers threw his way to nearly 30 fantasy points in week one, and his numbers should prove to be pretty similar in week two. Facing off against an AWFUL Buffalo Bills team that made Joe Flacco actually look like an elite passer, Rivers should have a floor of 20 fantasy points, with a ceiling of god knows how much.

Start: Nick Foles (PHI)

Foles was abysmal in week one, but gets a much easier task this week as he’ll face off against a Bucs’ defense that allowed 40 points to the New Orleans Saints’ offense. I know that the Saints’ offense is significantly better than the Eagles, but the Bucs simply had no answer and I wouldn’t be surprised to see that trend continue. You can count on Foles to get you low-end QB1 numbers this week.

Start: Ben Roethlisberger (PIT)

Ben turned over the ball a whopping five times on Sunday in Cleveland and has probably lost the trust of all who have drafted. But fear not fantasy fans, Kansas City just allowed our start of the week, Philip Rivers, to pass for over 400 yards. Ben should have no problem putting up a 300-yard game, and should be able to find the endzone multiple times. To any Antonio Brown owners out there… you’ll enjoy this one even more than Ben’s owners will.

Start: Matt Ryan (ATL)

I hate Matt Ryan, and if he’s on your fantasy team, you probably do too after week one. I am a Panthers’ fan, so it kills me to praise Ryan the week that he faces off against Carolina, but historically, he connects with Julio Jones for a mass amount of yardage almost every time these two teams meet. Expect a bounce-back game from Ryan. You could do much worse than him in your QB spot in week two.

Sit of the Week: Dak Prescott (DAL)

Speaking of being a Carolina fan, the Panthers put Dak on ice on Sunday and completely tore down any confidence he had going into this season. He faces off against the Giants in week two, who have a fairly decent secondary and should have no problem keeping Dak limited this week. Expect Dallas to lean heavily on Zeke Elliott in this one. Keep Prescott on your bench for now.

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Sit: Andy Dalton (CIN)

Dalton is facing off against a Baltimore defense that absolutely demolished Buffalo in week one. Though I don’t think their secondary is “A+”, they are still very decent and will be playing with a hell of a lot of confidence. With the breakout of Joe Mixon in week one, I would expect the Bengals to lean on him barring a huge deficit. I doubt anyone was starting Dalton this week anyway, but here is your reminder: don’t do it.

Sit: Jimmy Garoppolo (SF)

I told you. I told all of you. Jimmy G is not who we think he is. His team is hobbled by injuries and the dude is not good enough to make that work. He’s got a matchup against Detroit this week, and although they were scorched for a billion points by the Jets, it’s not the friendliest matchup. Matt Patricia simply won’t let his defense break down like that again, and I can see them coming back with a shutdown defense in week two.

Sit: Derek Carr (OAK)

Granted, the Rams have a great defense, but Carr only had 12 fantasy points in week one. The bright side is that all of those points came from a 300-yard passing day, but if he can’t find the endzone, those yards are useless to fantasy owners. He gets a tough matchup against Denver in week two, and I wouldn’t expect his fantasy numbers to be much better this time around.


Running Backs:

Start of the Week: Christian McCaffrey (CAR)

Here’s the homer pick! CMC will be a top-five running back in week two against the Atlanta Falcons. In week one, McCaffrey managed to put up nearly 16 PPR points, which was good enough for RB2 numbers. However, many people drafted him to be their RB1 and may have been a bit disappointed. Fear not, as this week should be a good one. They want to get him more involved in the ground game, as he only recorded 10 carries in week one, but did manage to turn those carries into 50 yards. He should also be used more in the passing game, as Cam Newton’s other safety blanket, Greg Olsen, went down with a fractured foot. Fire him up as your RB1 with confidence this week.

Start: Chris Thompson (WAS)

Thompson was one of my favorite PPR targets in the offseason, and he proved me right in week one. Him and Adrian Peterson both had over 20 points, and it looks like their run offense could be the real deal. I’m liking Thompson this week in Indianapolis, and just about every week coming up if I’m going to be completely honest. He had seven targets and only five carries on the day, but he made the most of his opportunities. You can count on him to be a solid RB2 for your squad.

Start: James Connor (PIT)

He’s not going to match his week-one production this week, but Connor’s gonna ball out again. Kansas City’s defense is just awful, and though I think most of Pittsburgh’s offense will be done through the air, I still believe that Connor will have at least 22 total touches in this one. Keep rolling with him until Le’Veon Bell comes back.

Start: Royce Freeman (DEN)

Freeman has a solid game in week one, as he put up 71 yards on 15 carries. I know the real hype is surrounding Phillip Lindsay, but that’s only because he had a touchdown. Denver is also playing Oakland, which would have been scary for running backs had Jon Gruden not traded away Khalil Mack… but he’s gone and I’m playing almost any running back going against them. Freeman is more of a flex option this week but does indeed have RB2 upside.


Sit of the Week: Kenyan Drake (MIA)

Not a fan of Kenyan Drake. Not now, not last year, not ever. This past week he only had 14 carries for 48 yards and turned three catches into only 18 additional yards. He’s seeing more snaps than Frank Gore, but Gore definitely will get his fair share of snaps in this offense. I wouldn’t count on Drake this week against the Jets, as their defense suddenly looks scary. Drake will be a desperate flex play this week at very best.

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Sit: Devonta Freeman (ATL)

Even before getting hurt, Freeman was being outplayed by Tevin Coleman (who is more talented in my opinion) and managed to only put up eight fantasy points. I know that he left early, but let’s be honest, he wasn’t going to get any better. I think this could be the year that Coleman emerges as the guy in Atlanta. Plus, this week against the Panthers should be the Julio Jones Show. Freeman is a dud for week two.

Sit: Jay Ajayi (PHI)

Ajayi is not that great of a running back. To be honest, he’s just a guy that has touchdown upside. If you’re fine with starting a guy that’s touchdown dependent then be my guest… but if he doesn’t score in any given week, he won’t have double-digit fantasy numbers. Never start touchdown-dependent players unless you’re desperate. Besides, this game should be an air battle and if that’s the case, Ajayi won’t see much use anyway.

Sit: Jamaal Williams (GB)

Williams went 15 carries for only 47 yards against Mack and the Bears and will face another tough matchup against the Vikings. He doesn’t have a significant amount of talent, and there is absolutely no upside to be found anywhere in this matchup. Sit the freaking guy. Nuff said.


Wide Receivers:

Start of the Week: Julio Jones (ATL)

Going forward, I will try not to make any “stating the obvious” picks in these articles. But speaking as a Carolina Panthers’ fan who is absolutely terrified of this man, he is an absolute must start and will probably be the top receiver of week two. He always lights up the Panthers… Like, completely demolishes them. Expect an even bigger game than last week from “The Jet”.

Start: Jarvis Landry (CLE)

Landry had 15 targets last week against the Steelers and should see at least the same number of targets against New Orleans. The Saints have a high-powered offense, and I have a feeling that Cleveland will be playing catchup in this one. Who better to throw it to than Landry? For those of you that snagged Landry as your WR2 or even WR3… I’m jealous.

Start: Randall Cobb (GB)

Cobb saw 10 targets from Rodgers in week one and should be able to continue to get those looks as the Packers take on the Vikings. Though their defense is top notch, I think Cobb will be used early and often, as he should be able to stay away from the scary corners in Minnesota on most plays. Do I think you can expect another 29-fantasy point game from him? Probably not. But Cobb makes for an intriguing WR2 pick in week two.

Start: Quincy Enunwa (NYJ)

Enunwa proved to be Sam Darnold’s safety blanket against Detroit, and it would appear that that pattern should continue. Miami has a tough secondary that could prove to be difficult for the rookie quarterback. However, this is where Enunwa comes in. He should easily see double-digit targets in a game that the deep threats will be marked up hard. Fire him up with confidence as your third receiver or flex against the Dolphins.

Sit of the Week: Chris Hogan (NE)

I really don’t know why everyone was so hyped up over this man. He’s never done anything monstrously effective in the NFL before, and I knew it wasn’t about to change. Tom Brady can make anyone look like a fantastic receiver, which is the argument people were using. However, they neglected to mention that there are plenty of other no-name receivers in New England that can do exactly what Hogan does. At the end of the day, Hogan failed to reel in 80% of his targets. He’s got a horrendous matchup against Jacksonville in week two and should be benched in all leagues.

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Sit: Larry Fitzgerald (ARI)

Nothing personal Larry, I just don’t like the possibilities in this one. Fitzgerald saw 10 targets in the season opener, and that trend should likely continue. However, he picks up a tough matchup against the Rams in week two. I think you can still play him as a WR3 if you really need to, but until they figure things out in Arizona, Larry’s value in fantasy leagues will continue to decline.

Sit: Chris Godwin (TB)

Godwin should see an uptick in targets with Desean Jackson out for week two. However, Godwin faces a tough Eagles secondary that knows how to shut down receivers. There’s a lot of hype around him on the waiver wire this week, but I don’t really understand it. Four targets for three catches, 41 yards and a touchdown doesn’t sound like an amazing stat line to me. Refer to what I said about Jay Ajayi: touchdown dependent. That’s exactly what you have in Godwin, and that’s exactly why I have him listed as a sit for the week.

Sit: Geronimo Allison (GB)

Geronimo Allison made five grabs for nearly 70 yards and a score on Sunday night, and looked very good. I do agree that he needs to be added in all leagues immediately but putting him up against Minnesota this week is not something I would want to do on my fantasy team. He’ll be facing the tough parts of the Minnesota defense, unlike Cobb, and can ride the bench on your fantasy roster in week two.


Tight Ends:

Start of the Week: Zach Ertz (PHI)

Ertz is gonna burn Tampa Bay to the ground this Sunday. He saw 10 targets in week one, which should be his floor pretty much every week. He’s going to have a bounce-back game in a matchup that should prove to be high scoring for Philadelphia. He may have been ice cold last week, but he’s going to catch fire and wreak havoc in week two.

Start: David Njkou (CLE)

Njkou is another guy that burned fantasy owners last week but faces a much easier matchup this week. He received the second-most targets in Cleveland in week one and should only sit behind Landry once again in that category. In what could be a high-scoring affair, I’m looking for Njkou to find the endzone and put up a decent chunk of yardage against New Orleans.

Start: Jordan Reed (WAS)

Start him while you can, fantasy fans, because you know it’s only a matter of time before he goes down with injury. He’s a safe bet for a touchdown against Indianapolis and should be started in all formats.

Start: Ian Thomas (CAR)

I’m sure this one isn’t going to be a well-liked pick, but I think you could genuinely roll with this guy this week. He’s already got a decent rapport with Cam, is athletic as all hell and really turned heads in the preseason and training camp. I’m not expecting anything crazy, but if you’re someone who just lost Delanie Walker or Greg Olsen, Ian Thomas could very well be the guy you’re looking for. He should have a solid game at the TE position against Atlanta.


Sit of the Week: Mike Gesicki (MIA)

He’s just not there yet. Please, don’t be a Gesicki truther, its too early. Sit him this week. Sit him next week. Sit him until he actually develops into an NFL-quality tight end. Thank you.

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Sit: Evan Engram (NYG)

With the return of Odell Beckham Jr. and the addition of Saquon Barkley, Engram was the biggest question mark at the tight end position for fantasy footballers everywhere. He’s got the talent and the athleticism, but he doesn’t have the right situation anymore. Engram will unfortunately become more of a TE2 most weeks in 2018, and I think you can comfortably sit him against Dallas.

Sit: Kyle Rudolph (MIN)

With Kirk Cousins at the helm, I think it is safe to say that Rudolph is now one of those touchdown-dependent tight ends. Although he’s got a high chance to score in any given game, I’m putting him on the sit list against Green Bay in week two. It breaks my heart, truly it does, as I thought he’d excel with Cousins. But after receiving only two targets in a close game, it may be safe to say that I was wrong. Rudolph is a sit until him and Cousins develop a chemistry.

Sit: Charles Clay (BUF)

This is the obvious. Stay away. Stay away. STAY AWAY.


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