By Ryan Miner

Friday afternoon the news came down that Dez Bryant was released from the Dallas Cowboys after his eight-year career with them.

Reading all over Twitter and other sites, Bryant said, “I’ll see you guys twice this year.” I looked at Dallas’s schedule and saw that they play the NFC East (Washington, New York and Philadelphia) and……….. Houston Texans. But outside of Houston, there are two other teams that I could see him going to that make sense. But first..

Houston Texans

Sure they have a star wide receiver in DeAndre Hopkins and a nice speedster in Will Fuller. However, add Bryant to the mix in the slot and you have yourself an unstoppable passing offense with huge red zone opportunities. The Texans have about $35 million in cap space, and with a talent like Bryant, they would be smart to go get him to become a contender for the AFC this next season.

San Francisco 49ers

With the deep threat speedster of Marquise Goodwin and an aging (32) Pierre Garçon, Bryant would be a good fit here as defenses would have more trouble stopping the pass. Not only would you have to stop Bryant and the other wide receivers, you have a up and coming tight end in George Kittle and a dual-threat running back in Jerick McKinnon. What more could you ask for? If they can land Bryant here, they are in serious contention for the playoffs this next season. With a little over $47M in cap space, this should be an easy signing.

Here’s where I really think he’s going:

Indianapolis Colts

Jim Irsay really screwed up last year when he said Andrew Luck was going to be back and play in the 2017 season. He had me convinced when he didn’t put him on the PUP at the beginning of the season that he was coming back. Of course we know the story, Luck ended up on the PUP midway through the season, fans lost interest and hope as the Colts sucked finishing 4-12.

So what would help? Adding Bryant. As far as we know, Luck is throwing a nerf football and is “on schedule” to be ready for the 2018 season. With the recent signing of Ryan Grant, getting Bryant on the team wouldn’t only just help out Luck, but also T.Y. Hilton. With about $60M in cap, this is a no-brainer MUST for Bryant and the Colts. This would be a good redemption on Irsay’s reputation and help the Colts get back on track. It would be unfortunate for Bryant to pass up this potential opportunity as this move would help get the Colts back into playoff contention.

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