So here I am in my sweat pants and comfy sweater getting ready to enjoy yet another lazy Sunday. Big college basketball day. Big Olympics day. Big time showdown on ABC between the Cavs and Celtics where I can watch LeBron blame a whole new batch of players. All very exciting stuff following a pretty hectic post Super Bowl week. I was willing to ignore the Yu Darvish signing with the Cubs and the obnoxious Cubs fans on Twitter. But then the Badgers lost and now I am quite sassy about everything and I am not going to sit silently anymore.

Some of the blame for my current attitude falls on my shoulders as well. I knew that this wouldn’t be your average year for the Badger Boys. I knew that we couldn’t replicate the talent that has been top notch across all of college basketball for the last 4 years. What I did not think was that they wouldn’t even make the tournament. I thought Happ being an upper classman and having been through the wars would at least drag them to 21-22 wins and maybe steal a win based purely on match up in the tourney. I was wrong. Hand up. That’s on me. Happ has been fantastic, but his flaws are still pretty much there and are still as glaring as ever, but he’s a high end double double guy who still shoots 55% from the floor even though every team keys in on him. The guy needs some freaking help and I am fearful that he wont receive any before he graduates. Today was a prime example of the teams struggles this year. They gave up a million threes. They don’t defend anymore. They’re tied for 69th (sigh…nice) in turnovers a game this season. They’re not efficient anymore. Brad Davidson and Brevin Pritzl play a lot of minutes. Did you hear those names? God its like they were manufactured in a factory that only makes nonathletic white guys who play hard and have the same haircut. Yes it’s tough you have to play underclassmen as many minutes as they do. It absolutely STINKS that Wisconsin fans were robbed of seeing what Kobe King could do. I did not see the Big 10 having this many top teams. But I don’t think anyone thought it would go this bad. But that was just the start to my sassy day.

This Cubs Brewers drama was funny at first. The Brewers have a new ticket deal where they are only selling tickets for Wisconsin residents for Cubs games at Miller Park. The deal was a  fun ticket promotion meant to drum up interest for a young improving team at the expense of a division rival. Of course, Cubs fans went into a little tizzy on twitter and made the whole thing about themselves and it turned into a mini twitter fiasco. To me it only means one thing: Chicago is scared of a team still in the middle of a rebuild. It was one thing to trail the rebuilding Brewers in the division after the all star break during their World Series Hangover. For half the payroll no less! It was another when they freaked out and had to trade their best prospect to outbid a rebuilding team from pulling away from them in the standings. Then they paid Yu 120 million and decided to self felicitate themselves online. I am not going to sit idly by silently anymore. I would make more jokes about the city of Chicago itself, but it wouldn’t hit home probably. Many Cubs fans are not from Illinois, and have only seen Wrigley field on television. I can understand why fans would want to flock to Miller park. It’s a beautiful modern stadium where you can actually watch a baseball game without partially obstructed view. Our bathrooms work! You don’t have to piss in cups! Our roof is great at preventing rainouts! Even made up ones! And you know what else? We’re coming for that ass. Sorry you had to hear the truth. You shouldn’t have made me sassy.

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