Written by Pat Pitts

Wife swap was a hilarious tv show… Families would invite a stranger into their home to play the role of the matriarch of the house. They followed the rules for a week, then flipped the switch with implementing their own rules for the final week. Somehow, they were able to make it work. Speaking of swapping, NFL teams have made a few swaps of their own over the past week.

The Rams trading for Matthew Stafford last year caused a ripple effect; everyone wants to follow suit, but we should remember that games are not won on paper.

Russell Wilson, Drew Lock, and Carson Wentz walk into new systems with a lot to learn. Unlike television, their success will not be scripted. They can only do so much with the tools around them. Alone, these tools bring a lot to the table, but what can they do when put to use?

Does Mighty Metcalf lose some of his superhuman abilities? Can McLaurin have success with his fourth QB in two seasons? Which Broncos receiver will be the apple of Wilson’s eye? 

It’s time to dive into answering those burning questions. These are a few of the less obvious guys who will benefit from the position switch.

Tim Patrick

Denver’s receiving core suffered tragic injuries over the past two seasons. And those injuries launched a minor character into a bigger spotlight: Tim Patrick.

Tim Patrick helped the Broncos keep their offense treading water in 2021. He accounted for 40% of the team’s total WR points and 11% of the total target share. Those numbers will see a boost once Russ lands in the Rocky Mountains.

Patrick finished as WR42 in 2021, two spots higher than teammate Courtland Sutton (44). Wilson’s presence instantly boosts his draft stock, making him a hell of a target in the later rounds of drafts this year. Could a top-25 finish be in the realm of possibilities for Patrick?

Rashaad Penny

Rumors flew around social media feeds about the Seahawks potentially using the franchise tag on their former first round pick. They didn’t, but that doesn’t mean fantasy managers should do the same.

It sounds like a foolish idea to place it on an RB, especially one that was not fantasy-relevant until the last three weeks of the season. However, his numbers may shock you.

He finished as THE #1 fantasy RB between weeks 14 and 18, averaging over 22 PPR points per week. Wilson’s departure brings the potential for an RB to lead the team offensively. Penny is not a ball carrier to overreach for in fantasy, but definitely deserves to be bumped up a few spots in the rankings with the QB change.

Melvin Gordon

Russell Wilson has unlimited weapons around him, especially in the backfield. Javonte Williams displayed promise in his rookie campaign, but Melvin Gordon may be the back to roster on your squad.

Gordon spent a majority of his career acting as Phillip Rivers’s security blanket. He consistently ranked as a top-10 RB, with even better receiving stats than rushing. Wilson’s ability to keep plays alive will play into Gordon’s role as a receiving back, which should keep him in the realm of fantasy-relevancy if he stays in Denver.

His numbers have taken a dip since leaving the Golden Coast, as he had ended 2021 with under 30 receptions for the first time in his career. The change at the quarterback position is definitely a good thing for the Flash.

Noah Fant

This may be a stretch, but hear me out. Noah Fant could still be a top fantasy TE even with the downgrade in the swap.

Fant finished this past season as TE12, notching career highs in receptions (68) and touchdowns (4). Despite the honors, fantasy managers could not depend on him week to week. He fell into the boom/bust category towards the end of the year, and never really seemed to “bring the boom”. Not good.

However, a new team means a new beginning. He and Lock carry their chemistry over, making training camp that much easier. Even if Lock doesn’t earn the starting job, Fant should still be fine no matter who is under center.

The ninth pick in the 2022 NFL Draft will allow the Seahawks to draft one of the rookie quarterbacks . Malik Willis seems to be the best fit for the system, and if this does happen, that could be great news for Fant. Rookie passers rely on their tight ends to bail them out and move the ball downfield. Fant fell forward, not backward, and will remain a top 10 tight end this season.

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