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Player Profile: Malik Willis

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 215 lbs

School: Liberty

NFL Comparison: Jalen Hurts

Why you’re drafting him…

Though the class is perceived to be weak at quarterback, Willis has found himself to be firmly in the conversation for the top player at his position in this year’s draft. The era of the dual-threat quarterback is only growing stronger and Willis is the biggest candidate to be the next Lamar Jackson or Josh Allen. Similarly to both of those players, Willis finds a lot of his success on the ground. He’s a tremendous athlete with the ability to break off big play after big play. While he’s not nearly as big as Jackson or Allen, you wouldn’t guess it from watching him play. His biggest strength as a passer comes from his ability to work the pocket. Mobile quarterbacks often excel at this, and Willis is no exception. He’s the type of guy that can get on the move and bail out a team if the offensive line breaks down. His ability to throw on the run is actually pretty damn good, however, as a passer, he’s good, not great. Obviously the guy has the skills to be a quarterback in the NFL, but a good bit of his hype comes from his legs and his solid performance at the Senior Bowl. 

Needs to improve…

Willis has a hell of an arm, but I often find him putting too much “oomf” on trivial throws. While I do love an aggressive quarterback, he’s had his fair share of bad throws that led to (or almost led to) turnovers. He lacks consistent decision making and is known to force a throw here and there. Many consider him to be a very raw prospect and will likely need to land with a good coaching staff that is patient and willing to go through the growing pains. There’s a big ceiling for Willis but he’s also one of the riskier options a team could go after in the draft. 

Prediction for 2022 NFL Draft…

I mentioned it before, but Willis is firmly in the conversation to be the first quarterback taken off of the board. Even if he doesn’t get selected first, he will undoubtedly be a first round pick. My most-likely landing spots for him would be with Carolina at #6, Denver at #9 or Washington at #11.

Dynasty fantasy football spin…

There probably aren’t many scenarios that have Willis landing anywhere but the three spots I mentioned above. For immediate fantasy production, Washington is going to be the place that we want, but we don’t typically draft rookie quarterbacks to use them in year one. Personally, I’d like to see him land in Carolina (might be a little biased there) but any of these spots will do fine if he’s developed correctly. Due to his rushing ability, Willis will likely be the first quarterback off of the board in those rookie drafts. In 1QB, I’d be willing to take him somewhere between the 1.10 and 2.03, where in 2QB/SF leagues I wouldn’t be surprised to see him selected at #1 overall.

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