By Mikey Ostrowski

It’s safe to say that this was the wildest week for NFL news that we’ve had in a very long time. Aaron Rodgers re-signs in Green Bay, Russell Wilson gets traded to Denver, Carson Wentz goes to Washington and Khalil Mack is in LA… pretty freakin’ crazy!

So, you may be wondering, who’s dynasty values were affected this week? I’m glad you asked…

*Writer’s note: Value for fantasy football isn’t always set by the player themself, and is also affected due to the perception of value from fantasy owners and the communities on social media. Reporting a rise and/or fall in value does not necessarily mean their production will go up or down*


Denver Broncos Offensive Players

You can probably guess why they’re all on the rise. With Wilson coming to town, Denver has their best quarterback since Peyton Manning retired. Jerry Jeudy, Courtland Sutton, Tim Patrick, Albert Okwuegbunam (I still have to google how to spell that), and even Javonte Williams are all worth more than they were at the start of this week. My opinion is an unpopular one, but I actually think you’d be wise to try to sell Jeudy, Sutton and Albert O. Jeudy has been in the top-24 for a lot of people despite not doing much in his first two years as a pro, so the fact that he has a competent quarterback throwing him the ball now has Jeudy fans salivating. Some people are treating him like his ceiling is through the roof, but if someone wants to overpay for him (his value on KTC has sky-rocketed to 1.04), you gotta consider that deal. Sutton has been going for a late 1st the last couple of days now as well, and given the fact that he hasn’t done anything noteworthy over the last two years (and was outplayed by Tim Patrick last year), it seems to be the perfect time to sell him off. Then of course we have Albert O who some people on social media are already treating as a top-10 tight end. Excuse me for not being excited, but if someone wants to pay me top-10 tight end assets for a 4th round TE that hasn’t done anything as a pro yet, sign me up. Lastly, we have Javonte and Tim Patrick. Williams’ price tag is through the roof. Unless you’re willing to trade away your first born, don’t even bother asking. Patrick, on the other hand, is practically free and is worth a speculative add in all formats.

Davante Adams (Wide Receiver, GB)

Adams’ dynasty value has always been high, but it’s gotten a bit of a revamp this week. With Rodgers staying put in Green Bay for the foreseeable future, many assume that a multi-year deal for Adams isn’t too far behind. He’ll play 2022 under the franchise tag, but I’d expect him to receive at least a three year extension before the season is over. The Rodgers/Adams connection is one of the best in a NFL history and I think we could all agree to that. He’s moved up to WR3 in our dynasty rankings and remains as one of fantasy’s toughest assets to acquire.

DeAndre Hopkins (Wide Receiver, ARI)

This one has gone a bit under the radar, but it most definitely is worth mentioning. Many people are acting like Hopkins is suddenly dead to the fantasy world, but those people are sorely mistaken. It’s irresponsible to write off Hopkins, one of the game’s best receivers, after a season filled with injuries, but I digress. The reason why Hopkins is rising this week is because Kyler Murray has decided to be friends with Arizona (on instagram) again. As silly as that sounds, it’s true. Many people were speculating that Murray might be leaving Arizona this off-season, which would have been an obvious knock to the fantasy value of the entire offense. Luckily, it appears he’s there to stay. Combine that with Christian Kirk’s likely departure and we’re back in line for Hopkins SZN yet again for 2022. I have full confidence that he’ll be healthy for the start of the season and is one of fantasy’s best Buy-lows right now. Grab him before the fantasy community comes to their senses!


Terry McLaurin (Wide Receiver, WAS)

McLaurin was on the rise all off-season with the hopes that Washington would trade for Russell Wilson… imagine our surprise when they traded for Carson Wentz instead. McLaurin is a fantastic receiver, but he has yet to have a solid quarterback on his team. It appears we’ll need to suffer through another year of wishing we could see Scary Terry unleashed with a competent quarterback. If you planned on selling him, that ship has sailed. McLaurin is a hold for dynasty purposes until further notice. He’ll still have a solid year, but I can’t imagine it’ll be that elite season we were hoping from him if Washington had gone out and got a guy like Wilson.

DK Metcalf (Wide Receiver, SEA)

Imagine going from catching passes from Russell Wilson to catching passes from Drew Lock. I don’t want to cop out on this write up but I feel like that’s all I really need to say to prove that Metcalf’s value has fallen big time this week. With that being said, he’s a fantastic buy-low piece, as many owners are panicking. Unless it’s the 1.01, I’d be willing to trade any pick to acquire him.

Amari Cooper (Wide Reciever, DAL)

It’s not official yet, but Cooper is on his way out of Dallas and will become the top receiver in free agency this year. Normally that wouldn’t be a bad thing, but there aren’t many scenarios where he lands in a better situation than what he had in Dallas. Sure, he won’t be competing with CeeDee Lamb for targets anymore, but he’s also likely to have a downgrade at quarterback. Given the receiver-needy teams that actually have the money he’ll be asking for… well, the incoming situation likely won’t be a great one. I think he’s a hold for now. Not many people are going to give you what he’s worth due to the uncertainty, but I also wouldn’t go tying to “buy-low” on him. It’s definitely a situation to monitor, but Cooper is definitely a faller with the impending release from Dallas.

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